‘Kotee' marks a breakthrough opportunity

Moksha Kushal shares her fascination with the craft, describes her working experience with actor Dhananjay, director Param, and a big production house as a dream come true
‘Kotee' marks a breakthrough opportunity

Moksha Kushal presents herself as a versatile individual, boasting a diverse background spanning engineering, sports, and various extracurricular pursuits. Notably, she has experience in ramp walking and harbors a deep affection for acting. “I get to experiment with different personalities, do different things each day, and avoid a monotonous life,” she explains, expressing her fascination with the craft.

Despite encountering challenges in her career, especially during her initial foray into short films followed by commercial ventures, Moksha sees Kotee as her breakthrough opportunity. “Being part of such a significant project which marks Param’s directorial debut and starring alongside Dhananjay feels like stepping onto a bigger canvas,” she shares, acknowledging her luck in landing this role.

Reflecting on how she secured her part in Kotee, Moksha recounts, “I was the last actor to join the cast. The director had auditioned over 200 female actors for my role. The makers of Modakavide Vatavarana recommended me, but I had to undergo multiple auditions before being chosen. The role demanded honesty, simplicity, acting skills, and traits that the director felt I could pull off.

Discussing the significance of a big-ticket film in an actor’s career, Moksha explains, “An opportunity to collaborate with a passionate director, talented co-star, and esteemed production house like Jio Studios is a dream come true. It’s a significant step forward for me.”

When asked about what impact starring in prominent films will have on an actor’s recognition, Moksha provides insights into the industry dynamics. “While there’s no shortage of talent or new films, the challenge lies in attracting audiences to theatres. Big productions with established stars facilitate broader outreach and audience engagement,” she explains.

Regarding her preparation for the role, Moksha underscores her commitment to delivering her best performance. “Participating in workshops, alongside seasoned actors like Dhananjay, helped build rapport and enhance compatibility,” she notes.

Despite initial skepticism about Param’s transition from television to cinema, Moksha praises his dedication and clarity as a director. “Param’s meticulous preparation, extraordinary storytelling, and clarity on set reassured me of his directorial prowess,” she states, expressing confidence in his potential to make a mark in the industry.

As Moksha signs off, she reveals that amidst the flurry of offers coming her way, she’s holding her breath, anxiously awaiting the outcome of Kotee before she commits to her next project.”This juncture marks a pivotal moment in my career, where the potential success of Kotee could be the catalyst for recognition and good opportunities going forward.”

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