Prem-Dhruva Sarja’s 'KD' sells audio rights for record-breaking Rs 17.70 crore

The makers have made groundbreaking strides in music composition by bringing together 256 musicians in Budapest to create symphonic grandeur; the film is slated for release in December.
Shyam, Suprith, Prem, Arjun Janya, Dhruva Sarja and Anand
Shyam, Suprith, Prem, Arjun Janya, Dhruva Sarja and Anand

Prem’s keen sense of music has always complemented his directorial ventures, and his latest project, 'KD- The Devil', starring Dhruva Sarja, is no exception. The action-packed commercial entertainer is not only setting high standards but also pushing the boundaries of cinematic music to new heights. Anand Audio, the noted music label, has acquired the rights to the film’s music for a staggering amount of Rs 17.70 crores, marking a historic milestone in Kannada cinema. An announcement was made by Suprith, Head - of Business & Operations at KVN Productions.

'KD’s album, composed by music director Arjun Janya, features six songs. But what truly sets KD apart is its groundbreaking approach to music composition. The film has embarked on a musical odyssey like never before, incorporating huge orchestration to craft an unparalleled auditory experience. Though the initial melodies were born in Mysuru, the film’s musical heart took flight in Budapest, where nearly 256 musicians came together to create a symphonic masterpiece. This grand feat surpasses the record of 180 musicians set by Shahrukh Khan’s 'Pathaan'. Apart from this, Shivamani, along with Zakir Hussain’s brother, Taufiq Qureshi has put together 60 musicians who have worked on the rhythm.

Director Prem, renowned for his focus on music in his films, delved into its significance in 'KD'. He explains, “Music is an invitation to the audience. It sets the tone for the entire cinematic experience.” Prem, who orchestrated the music for his previous directorial venture 'Ek Love Ya' in Budapest, described the city as having a unique charm for musical compositions. “Budapest has the perfect setup for such grand arrangements,” he remarks, adding,

“The symphonic splendour of the city adds an unparalleled richness to the music.” Adding to the international flavour of the music, foreign musicians were also brought on board to lend their voices for slokas, further enhancing the film’s auditory appeal,” he mentions. Composer Arjun Janya expressed his pride in the collaborative effort that went into creating the music for 'KD', describing it as his best work yet, while Shyam of Anand Audio praised the quality of the music, predicting its success. “The music of 'KD' is a sure-shot winner,” he states.

Dhruva Sarja, speaking at the event, highlighted that his debut film Addhuri was made on a budget of Rs 4 crores. “Today, the audio rights for 'KD' alone have fetched four times that amount,” the actor mentioned, as he, along with the director and composer, expressed gratitude to the music company, Anand Audio, for their support. Meanwhile, the makers of 'KD' have announced their plans for release, as they are aiming to hit theatres in December alongside other big films. Based on a true story, 'KD' marks a departure from Prem’s usual style. Here, the emotional weight falls squarely on the shoulders of protagonist Dhruva Sarja, a shift from his typical focus on the mother sentiment.

The production of 'KD', which has completed 150 days of shoot, is nearing completion, with some patchwork and a few song sequences yet to be filmed, including one in a foreign location. Produced by Venkat Konanki Narayana, the film brings together a diverse cast with Reeshma Nanaiah as the female lead, along with V Ravichandran, Ramesh Aravind, Sanjay Dutt, and Shilpa Shetty among other actors as part of the principal cast. 'KD’s cinematography is handled by William David.

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