From coding to camera: journey of an engineer who became a filmmaker

Collaborating with his wife Prathuysha, Sarthwik produced 'The Road Not Taken', inspired by the iconic poem of the same name by American poet Robert Frost.
Sarthwik Bollu with his wife Prathuysha
Sarthwik Bollu with his wife PrathuyshaPhoto | Express

KARIMNAGAR: For many engineers stuck in jobs they despise, life in the creative fields is often what they desire. However, this is often a figment of imagination limited to daydreams. But a Huzurbad-based software engineer did not just make his dreams of becoming a filmmaker come true but also won an award with his debut short film.

Starting his education in Huzurabad, Sarthwik Bollu pursued his studies in Warangal and Hyderabad before moving to the US for a Master of Science (MS) at Houston University, Texas, in 2017. However, even while working as a software engineer, he devoted his free time to creating short films.

He, along with his wife, Prathuysha, migrated to the US on a job visa. Collaborating with his wife, Sarthwik produced 'The Road Not Taken', inspired by the iconic poem of the same name by American poet Robert Frost. Texas-based Sirisha Andavolu played the lead role in the short film released in 2024.

The 13-minute-long short film merges themes from Frost’s poetry and Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”. Sarthwik wrote the story which covers human relationships, psychological conflicts and emotions. It received the Adrian Choice Award 2024 from the renowned organisation Indie Meme. Many international organisations also expressed appreciation.

His father, Bollu Rajender, tells TNIE that Sarthwik had a passion for movies since childhood. After completing his MS, he attempted to join a film institute but was unable to do so due to his responsibilities in the software job in the US. Moreover, he developed a habit of watching movies from various countries, studying documentaries and reading works by famous writers, he adds.

Speaking about his goals, Sarthwik tells TNIE that he aspires to create socially impactful movies. He was particularly moved by the Pranay-Amrutha incident in Nalgonda district and aspires to produce meaningful cinema for the betterment of society. He is now focused on producing more short films using advanced technology.

Meanwhile, Sarthwik’s IMDb page says that his latest endeavour, Organized, a dark-humor project, is nearing completion in post-production.

Theme of movie

The short film revolves around Samsa, a woman in her early thirties who decides to quit her job to pursue acting, facing resistance from her family and unexpected challenges in the workplace. As she grapples with the conflict between her passion and practicality, she questions her decision and confronts the complexities of her newfound path.

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