Be a better and finer bureaucrat

Posted in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in Chandigarh, Harshit Narang offers free PCS and UPSC tutorials, reports Harpreet Bajwa
Be a better and finer bureaucrat

PUNJAB : In a world where ambition often grapples with opportunity, Harshit Narang stands as a beacon of hope. A 2018 batch officer of the Indian Information Service (IIS), Harshit has been tirelessly providing free tutorials to Punjab Civil Service (PCS) and Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) candidates for nearly a decade. His guidance has paved the way for many, with some students now serving as Tehsildars and Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSP) in Punjab, embodying the dreams of countless young aspirants.

At 35, Harshit’s journey is a testament to resilience and altruism. A Physics graduate from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, he embarked on a stable career as an investment banker. Yet, the desire to impact society more profoundly led him to the rigorous path of civil services. By 2014, Harshit joined the PCS as an excise officer, balancing late-night study sessions with his demanding job. He cracked the civil services exam in 2018, entering the IIS.

Having cleared the UPSC exams without professional coaching, he understood the struggles faced by students with limited resources. This insight sparked his initiative to provide free coaching to those who could not afford it. “The objective is to bridge the achievement gap between privileged and underprivileged students, ensuring financial constraints do not hinder their aspirations,” says Harshit, now posted in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in Chandigarh.

For nine years, Harshit has offered comprehensive guidance covering the Prelims, Mains, and interview stages of the UPSC exams. “The civil services journey doesn’t need a full-time tutor but someone who can keep nudging you to stay on the path with consistency,” he believes. His efforts have borne fruit, with many students succeeding in state services, bringing immense satisfaction to their mentor.

One such success story is Aryan, a Punjab University student. “I was struggling with geography and Indian politics. Sir would meet me late at night after work to ensure I was on the right track. His one-on-one attention was crucial in boosting my confidence,” recalls Aryan.

Despite facing challenges like limited resources and the need for more volunteer educators, Harshit remains undeterred. Harshit’s wife, Sangeeta Joshi, also an IIS officer, is a significant part of this mission. Together, they work tirelessly to mentor their students, fostering knowledge and confidence. “I have witnessed first-hand how accessible and affordable education can transform lives,” Sangeeta shares.

Harshit aims to use technology to reach students in remote areas. “The internet has bridged the gap to a great extent. We are now planning to contribute our bit using the same,” he says. Beyond his professional endeavours, Harshit has a passion for swimming, once aspiring to be a national-level swimmer. Despite his busy schedule, he continues to swim daily, remaining active in the Patiala Swimming Association.

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