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One of the primary benefits of staying in a home-stay rather than hotels is that locals can get the financial support through the payment made by the guests.
Image used for representational purpose.
Image used for representational purpose.

HYDERABAD: In an era of globalisation and mass tourism, travellers are increasingly seeking authentic experiences that allow them to connect with the local culture and truly immerse themselves in a destination.

One of the most enriching ways to achieve this is through the concept of a homestay. Far beyond the typical hotel stay, a homestay offers a unique opportunity to live with a local host, gaining insights into their way of life, traditions, and customs. Usually, the expenditure will be quite less when compared to hotels, lodges and restaurants.

Moreover, the relationships made here are long-lasting and can become the best memories in a person’s life. One of the primary benefits of staying in a homestay rather than a hotel is that locals can get financial support through the payment made by the guests.

This financial support may help them in improving their livelihood. “We started home-stay because of the financial support. We are getting an ample amount of income from the visitors.

We are happy to spend time with them and within a week, they become a part of our family,” says homestay host Palvancha, who has a property in Durga Grounds, Khammam, Telangana. Similarly another host from Sharada Homestay, Venkateshwar Hills Colony, Road No 2, Palvancha, Telangana, shares, “We started a homestay to give people comfort at a low price.”

“The main benefit of choosing homestay is that you can experience the local culture and cuisines. Living with a local family gives you the opportunity to become connected with their routines, costumes and traditions,” shares Prasad, a business traveller.

According to a solo traveller, Naveen, “Home-stay is the best way to choose rather than hotels because the locals have a brief knowledge on that particular place rather than maps and travel guides. They will give you the exact information and clarify your doubts.” Echoing the same thoughts, another solo traveller Ramesh says, “I love to travel and explore things. Staying in homestays gives comfort and peace. The arrangements are good.”

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