IIM Ranchi to include a compulsory course on ‘tribes in India’

IIM Ranchi said that the ‘Enrichment Electives’ electives would provide a fresh perspective to students through courses like cinematography, Socratic Dialogues and Painting among others.
A file photo of IIM Ranchi.
A file photo of IIM Ranchi.

RANCHI:  The Indian Institute of Management- Ranchi, in a bid to be inclusive and mindful of tribal communities and cultures, has introduced elective courses called ‘Enrichment Electives’ that will provide students with an opportunity to learn tribal languages.

The course has been introduced across the first three years of the Integrated Programme in Management (IPM), providing an opportunity for students to learn a local tribal language as part of their elective course in the second year. These ‘Enrichment Electives’ would provide a fresh perspective to students through courses like cinematography, Socratic dialogues, water management, sports management, story-telling, human connect, drama and theatre, and art and painting among others.

Some new courses like ‘Science of Happiness, Sustainability, Social Work, and Tribes in India’ have also been introduced as compulsory courses for undergraduates in IPM, according to IIM-Ranchi officials. Students also have the possibility to learn a local tribal language in the language elective course scheduled in the second year, they said. IIM-Ranchi director said that the institute as a part of its strategic plan, ‘ I I M Ranchi@2030’ has undertaken a detailed review of courses across the programmes.

The changes were deep and comprehensive and have been aimed to bring the latest developments in the industry and the society to the classroom, he said. “This development is expected to encourage faculty members to introduce new and innovative courses catering to industry demands.

Students are expected to benefit from these courses and explore new domains and create a unique niche for themselves while increasing their employability quotient at the same time,” said IIM-Ranchi Director Dr Deepak Kumar Srivastava. In the post-graduate programmes, the concept of elective courses received a major boost as the second year in all three full-time postgraduate programmes of the institute, has been made completely flexible.

Compulsory courses in the three terms of the second year have been replaced with elective courses. Students have the possibility to select electives from across all study areas of the institute in all three terms of the second year. Mid-term examinations have also been made flexible to provide greater academic freedom to faculty members.

Considering the focus on liberal arts as a part of the comprehensive revamp of the courses, the institute has also created a new area called liberal arts and sciences through the merger of pre-existing general management and humanities and applied sciences areas. The strategic management area has also been renamed as the strategy and entrepreneurship area to highlight the new focus areas of the Institute.

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