Norway chess 2024: Indian Grandmaster Praggnanandhaa stuns Magnus Carlsen, takes sole lead

Following the third-round win, the 18-year-old Indian now leads the men's section with 5.5 points in all.
Norway Chess: Praggnanandhaa defeats Magnus Carlsen in classical format for first time (File photo | PTI)

Indian Grandmaster R Praggnanandhaa crushed world number one Magnus Carlsen for the first time in Classical format to emerge as the sole leader in the Norway chess tournament here.

In the confessional booth, Carlsen confirmed that he had made risky choices in the opening as Black. Carlsen’s risky approach did not pay off, as Praggnanandhaa found correct responses, delivering an impressive performance. With this well-deserved win, Praggnanandhaa took the lead from Carlsen in the standings, according to Norway Chess online.

Having beating him a few times in online and faster versions of the game and after losing to him in the finale of the last World Cup, Praggnanandhaa finally got past the home favourite in what would be known as a clear classical triumph.

Following the third-round win, the 18-year-old Indian now leads the men's section with 5.5 points in all, half a point clear of USA's Fabiano Caruana who scored his first victory in classical against reigning world champion Ding Liren of China, PTI reported.

Another exciting game took place between 2018 World Championship Challenger Fabiano Caruana (USA) and the current World Champion Ding Liren (China). Caruana obtained a slight advantage out of the opening and convincingly converted it into a win. With this win, Caruana not only rose to second place in the standings but also decreased the rating gap between himself and Carlsen to about 15 points.

In the Women’s tournament, chess legend Pia Cramling, who was world number one around forty years ago, and current World Champion Ju Wenjun played a mostly calm game. However, Cramling had a one-move opportunity to win the game against Ju Wenjun in the endgame, but she did not manage to find the move, so the game ended in a draw.

While the classical game between Vaishali Rameshbabu and Anna Muzychuk ended in a draw, Vaishali managed to hold the Armageddon game to a draw, hence securing the extra tiebreak points. For Indian fans, today was the best day in the tournament so far.

As the tournament progresses, the competition is only expected to intensify with seven rounds to go. The dynamic nature of Norway Chess continues to captivate audiences, promising more excitement and dramatic turns in the days ahead.

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