Andhra Pradesh: Rural areas record high voting, urban engagement sees slight rise

Vijayawada Central Assembly constituency reports 72.88% voter turnout, up from 65.95% in 2019; Guntur West records lowest polling of 64.35% in the district.
First-time voters pose for a picture as they stand in queue to cast their vote in Undavalli on Monday
First-time voters pose for a picture as they stand in queue to cast their vote in Undavalli on MondayPhoto I Prasant Madugula

GUNTUR: While many urban constituencies in the State showed apathy, their voter turnout remained steady compared to the last elections. Although polling percentages in urban areas were lower than in rural areas, they still saw an increase compared to the 2019 elections.

The zeal shown by the voters was quite noticeable this time in major urban areas including Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur, Tirupati, and Nellore. The voters arrived at their respective polling stations even before 6.30 am and the rush was continued till the midnight in most of the segments.

According to the poll percentage announced by the Election Commission of India (ECI) in Voter Turnout App, 64.35 polling percentage was recorded in Guntur West. The constituency, comprising 26 divisions of Guntur city recorded only 65.84 in 2019. With various awareness programmes organised by the ECI and Guntur district administration, the poll per cent increased to 66.24%. However, the constituency recorded the lowest poll percentage out of the seven segments under the Guntur Lok Sabha constituency.

On the other hand, the poll per cent in Guntur East constituency reported 70.20% in the present elections while it recorded 70.25% in the last polls.

In Vijayawada Central constituency, the poll percentage surpassed the 2019 record of 65.95%, with reporting 72.88% in 2024 polls. Vijayawada West stood last in the LS segment with 68.55%, which is higher than 63.41% in 2019, Vijayawada East recorded 71.32%.

Despite of the better participation in Vijayawada city constituencies, the three segments reported below 80 poll percentage in Vijayawada Lok Sabha constituency.

Nellore Urban constituency also out performed with 70.20% which is way higher than 61% in 2019 elections. The constituency also comparatively performed well than the rural constituency which recorded only 66.18 poll per cent. Tirupati recorded only 59.95 poll per centage, the least in the district. Visakhapatnam East constituency reported 68.50 poll per cent which is higher than total poll percent of 64.73 in 2019. While Visakhapatnam South reported 58.9 per cent, the least in the district, 65.06 poll percentage is recorded in Visakhapatnam West, Visakhapatnam North recorded 61.52%.

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