In a first, Vijayawada railway division lays WCMS crossing

In 130 kmph speed sections, new tech is one of major criteria for trains to continue their journey without any hassle
Weldable Cast Manganese Steel (WCMS) crossing at Vetapalem yard
Weldable Cast Manganese Steel (WCMS) crossing at Vetapalem yard (Photo I Express)

VIJAYAWADA: In a significant achievement, the Vijayawada division of South Central Railways (SCR) has successfully laid a Weldable Cast Manganese Steel (WCMS) crossing at Vetapalem yard section for the first time.

This innovative technology marks a major milestone in the Division’s ongoing efforts to enhance safety and efficiency in rail operations.

The WCMS crossing was laid on the down line at Vetapalem yard in the busy Vijayawada- Gudur section very recently. The basic objective of using Weldable Cast Manganese Steel Crossings (WCMSC) is to modernise the Indian railway track to cope with the increased speed and Heavy Axle Load (HAL).

The WCMS crossings are crucial in railway tracks at the junctions where two rails cross. They are designed to handle the increased speed and HAL characteristic of modern railways, ensuring the smooth transition of train wheels from one track to another.

Currently, tracks are laid with Long Welded Rails (LWR) i.e., a single rail over a length of block section (station to station).

The yards are being separated with fish-plated joints behind turn-outs due to the lack of joint-free technology till now.

However, with the advancement in technology in the form of WCMS crossing, all ‘Long Welded Rails’ can be converted into ‘Continuously Welded rails’ including the yards/turnouts. With this, we can see joint free tracks in maximum length of division vis-a-vis, increasing safety standards.

This shall improve the riding experience, and quality without any jerks combined with enhanced safety and speed, especially at points in the yard. Especially, in the 130 kmph speed sections, it is one of the major criterian for trains to continue their journey without any hassle. This WCMS crossing offers superior strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear.

This pioneering technology eliminates the need for traditional fishplates and joints, ensuring a seamless and smooth rail journey.

Speaking on the occasion, Vijayawada divisional railway Manager Narendra A Patil said, “We are proud to have achieved this historic milestone, which demonstrates our commitment to innovation and excellence. The weldable cast manganese steel crossing will significantly enhance safety and reduce maintenance costs, benefiting both passengers and freight customers.”

He said that the division will continue to strive for excellence, harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall rail experience.

The successful implementation of this technology is a testament to the division’s dedication to modernisation and up gradation of rail infrastructure, he added.

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