Make Kannada the medium of instruction: Sahitya Sammelan

Govt should ensure no Kannada medium school in other states is closed
Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah at the sammelana | Ashishkrishna HP
Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah at the sammelana | Ashishkrishna HP

KALABURAGI: Curtains came down on the three-day 85th Akhila Bharat Kannada Sahitya Sammelan here on Friday with the key resolution of making Kannada the medium of instruction in all government and private schools. In his valedictory address, Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah exhorted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to amend the Constitution to impart primary education to children in their mother tongue. Siddaramaiah also used the occasion to vent his ire over the sedition case booked against three in relation to the staging of an anti-CAA play at Shaheen Urdu Medium School.

“To keep Sandalwood alive and kicking, producers should not only focus on raking in the moolah, but also on content. Filmmakers should invest on those movies with a good storyline”, said veteran director S V Rajendra Singh Babu during the symposium on ‘Films: Kannada Literature’.

Babu said, “Producers have started borrowing ideas from other languages and giving a touch-up to create a feel of nativity. There are a lot of stories and writers in Kannada which should be put to better use,” he said. Babu added, “Instead of giving subsidy to films which lack no message to society and instead misguide the public, the government should extend the benefit to movies with fine quality and actors,” he said.

Expressing his concern over the fast pervading social media, he said, “It has grown into a mafia which is indulge in threatening the movie makers to give in to their demand. In the case of otherwise, they will resort to vandalism”.Babu requested the government to establish a Film City in Mysuru. Hence, there should not be any problem in going ahead with the plan,” he said.


Children should get education in Kannada medium in all government and private schools.

Loopholes in the implementation of Article 371(J) should be corrected and implementation of DM Nanjundappa Committee report.

Develop historical monuments of Kalyana Karnataka within a specified time limit.

Govt should ensure no Kannada medium schools in neighbouring states are closed

Condemn attitude of Maharashtra which is raising border dispute and implement Mahajan Commission report to solve the dispute

Gratitude to authorities, committees, volunteers and people of Kalaburagi for the success of literary meet

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