Efficient Hari Chandana is the model bureaucrat

Narayanpet Collector shortlisted for the prestigious PM’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration under Innovation in Governance.
The mobile bus toilet (R) set up by the Kosgi municipality on Narayanpet Collector Dasari Hari Chandana’s (L) directions.
The mobile bus toilet (R) set up by the Kosgi municipality on Narayanpet Collector Dasari Hari Chandana’s (L) directions.

NARAYANPET: Narayanpet Collector Dasari Hari Chandana has been shortlisted for the prestigious Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration, 2020, along with 12 other public officials in the country. 

Hari Chandana is the only officer from Telangana to be shortlisted for the award under the ‘Innovation in Governance’ category. The IAS officer has been known for blending hard work with a creative touch since her days as GHMC Zonal Commissioner. She took charge as Narayanpet Collector in February, 2020 and has focussed on cleanliness in villages as well as towns. She has spearheaded the construction of 35,000 Individual Sanitary Latrines (ISLs) in urban areas. Similarly, the Collector has also encouraged rural populace to construct ISLs. She launched a mobile bus toilet for the first time in Telangana, exclusively for women. Hari Chandana also launched the process of construction of public toilets at several crowded places in Narayanpet. 

The district has three municipalities. However, it has faced a lack of toilets for public convenience. The Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department headed by Minister KT Rama Rao has striven to build toilets in all households of Narayanpet. She has pushed for completion of all toilets before August 15. They have  been built at Saraf Bazar, Old Bus Stand and the Vegetable Market.  She identified places on Yadgir Road, Nagula Bavi, fish market and bus stand in Kosgi. The Collector has built 14 public toilets at the rate of one for each ward. 

Similarly, she was responsible for the construction of toilets in Makhtal too. She also built ‘She toilets’ by spending less funds and succeeded in making the district a role model. However, Hari Chandana achievements’s are not confined to construction of toilets alone. She roped in SHGs to prepare 8 lakh masks and 1 lakh Ayurvedic masks and encouraged people to buy them.  The Collector has successfully implemented various State and Central government schemes in an effective manner. Hari Chandana has ensured that the benefits reached people at the grassroots level.

A Collector ‘for the people’

Right from the start of her career, Dasari Hari Chandana has come across as a people-friendly Civil Services officer who strives to ensure that government benefits reach people at the grassroots level


Launched the process of construction of public toilets at crowded places in Narayanpet district
Spearheaded the construction of 35,000 ISLs in urban areas
Launched TS’ first mobile bus toilet
Gave Kosgi town a new look. Built one public toilet in every ward
Built ‘She toilets’ in Narayanpet district using minimal funds
Roped in SHGs to make 8 L masks and 1 L Ayurvedic masks, and encouraged people to buy them
Successfully implemented various  State and Central government schemes in an effective manner

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