E Sethuramalingam

She breathed her last on my lap

The other day, a newspaper carried a report on the passing away of an old woman. What was special therein, you may wonder.

15 hours ago

Sun rises at Chernobyl

Ukraine is all set to get its first solar power plant. And the new one-megawatt power plant is located just a hundred metres from the new “sarcophagus”, a giant metal dome sealing the remains of the 1

15 hours ago

Minhaz Merchant

This dissent doesn’t help democracy

The four judges warned of danger to democracy, not realising their breaching the principle of separation of powers was the bigger threat

15 hours ago

Divya Purushotham

Superfoods to catch up on zzz’s

Getting extra hours of sleep is not only necessary but also beneficial for your health. In day-to-day life it is important to maintain physical and mental health.

15 hours ago

Sharanya Manivannan

The right language for ‘in-between’

What is the opposite of ‘rape’? Most will say it’s ‘sex’, with the understanding that rape is an abuse of power and sex is something that happens with consent.

15 hours ago

Rajeev Tamhankar

What’s affiliate marketing?

Last week we discussed about Referral Marketing. We talked about how you can get your initial customers to refer your app or product.

15 hours ago

Menaka Raman

There’s no such thing as a silly phobia

Don’t be dismissive of your child’s fears.  Empathise with them and try to talk it out

17 Jan 2018

Saumya Chawla

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the oiliest of them all?

I’m on a mission right now. A not-so-covert operation where I remove all the magnifying mirrors from the face of the earth.

17 Jan 2018

G Philomina

Big responsibility of little ones

The TV announced the news of a little girl’s achievement in China: At the age of four, she can talk in five languages and read three more.

17 Jan 2018

America’s embarrassing Twitter war

How did Zulfi Hoxha, the first American Islamic State member known to behead individuals in a propaganda video get radicalised? According to a recent piece in the Atlantic, he has left many clues on t

17 Jan 2018

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