Karamatullah K Ghori

Karamatullah K Ghori
Taking on corruption in Pakistan

It’s time to hold corrupt politicians accountable for their shenanigans perpetrated over the long years when they reigned in Pakistan.

27 Dec 2018

Imran Re-engages India and us

Imran Khan, the putative architect of a ‘New Pakistan,’ goes on making waves on both domestic and external fronts.

15 Dec 2018

The Kartarpur road to lasting peace

Those who think former cricketers can’t have a successful second career in politics need to revisit their conviction.

30 Nov 2018

Pakistan’s sacred Israel taboo

I  remember when I first met him, in Kuwait in 1992 soon after he had won the Cricket World Cup for Pakistan, I asked Imran Khan about the secret of his success in cricket.

21 Nov 2018

Imran surrenders to extremists

Pak’s new PM buckled under pressure exerted by religious zealots, who were baying for the blood of a Christian acquitted of blasphemy.

14 Nov 2018

Imran Khan’s new Pakistan caves in to extremists

Pakistan’s new PM has yielded to pressure from clerics, who wanted him to drop a brilliant Ahmadiya from the economic advisory council.

14 Sep 2018

What is this ruckus about Sidhu?

For the outside world, his inauguration ceremony as PM was meant to show that he stood for simplicity, not ostentation. Celebrities were conspicuously absent at the ceremony.

30 Aug 2018

Can cricket cure Indo-Pak paralysis?

Our Indo-Pakistani folklore has umpteen stories of sages wandering into forests and mountain hideouts in search of a panacea to cure all ills. Many collected fortunes peddling such panacea, genuine 

18 Aug 2018

Imran’s ‘new Pakistan’ and India

Imran Khan wants peace. He has adroitly lobbed the ball into India’s court and is waiting for New Delhi to reciprocate

31 Jul 2018

Kings and kingmakers in Pakistan

There has never been a dearth in Pakistani politics of politicos hurling abuses at their opponents publicly and washing each other’s dirty linen out in the open.

23 Jul 2018

The party is over for Nawaz

Ex-Pak PM Nawaz has been sentenced to prison for fraud. Will he come to Pakistan from his current abode in London and face the law?

09 Jul 2018

Another Book has Pakistan in a tizzy

Imran Khan’s ex-wife is set to release a telltale book. The cricketer-politician’s friends claim it’s an attempt to slander him before the July 25 polls

05 Jul 2018

Book that stirred up a storm in Pak

In a first, a former ISI head and an ex-RAW chief have penned a book together. And Pakistan’s establishment is upset

06 Jun 2018

Why did Nawaz drop Mumbai bombshell?

Most Pakistanis, in reverence to their haloed establishment, have consistently been in denial over the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks

01 Jun 2018

Fighting ‘aliens’ in Pakistan

Former Pak PM Nawaz said his real fight was against ‘aliens’, a reference to the establishment which once helped him come to power

22 May 2018

Imran hits corruption for a six

Naming and shaming corrupt politicians has been a no-go area in Pakistan’s culture. A cricketer and a judge are now trying to change it

25 Apr 2018

Why has Pakistan's top court not jailed Nawaz?

After getting kicked out as PM, Nawaz has repeatedly lashed out at Pakistan’s apex court. Yet, he hasn’t been hauled up for contemp

07 Apr 2018

Deep state strikes back in Pakistan

Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif planned to make a comeback using the recent Senate elections.But the country’s deep state had other plans

24 Mar 2018

Succumbing to the Saudis, Pak style

Pakistan has now agreed to send more troops to Saudi Arabia to help in a sectarian war in Yemen, putting a question mark over its ties with Iran

26 Feb 2018

Deadly law in fractured Pakistan

Blasphemy against Islam’s Prophet is a capital crime in Pakistan. It has long been used to harass minorities and settle civil disputes

14 Feb 2018

Surprise over Modi’s soft line on Pakistan

In a recent interview, referring to Islamabad,  Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘If we fight together, we will win faster’

29 Jan 2018

Trump’s Taunts rile Pakistan

The dawn of the New Year, 2018, seems to have given Pakistanis a fresh reminder of an old adage: adversity never comes alone but in tandem with misfortune.

09 Jan 2018

Are Mohajirs Pakistan’s Jews?

Muslims who migrated to Pakistan during Partition are now facing an ethnic backlash as the natives start asserting themselves

18 Dec 2017

Guess who’s back in Pakistan

Ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif thumbs his nose at the Pakistani judiciary and is all set to regain the chairmanship of his party.

28 Sep 2017