Dhinesh Kallungal

Foreign liquor varieties queueing up for GI tag

  It seems foreigners know the weakness of Indians for alcoholic beverages better than anyone else.

14 Sep 2019

Onasadya tickles tourists’ taste buds

The tourists got a chance to stay and mingle with villagers and taste the local food as part of the project.

11 Sep 2019

Foreigners get a taste of Onam at its traditional best in idyllic Kerala villages 

Apart from the sumptuous Onam feast, the foreigners were introduced to various cultural activities and art forms associated with the festival.

10 Sep 2019

Defiant Shashi Tharoor pitches for revamping Congress strategy to be a winning party

The Thiruvananthapuram MP feels that the party should ensure credibility in its criticism against Narendra Modi and make sure that those are taken seriously by the public.

28 Aug 2019

Onam celebrations in Kerala to be a low key affair

Last year, the Kerala government was forced to cancel Onam celebrations after the state witnessed similar floods and devastation.

22 Aug 2019

An obnoxious custom tribal women are forced to endure

After delivery, women have to spend 90 days in the shed, she said.

17 Aug 2019

A memorial for brother lost in last year’s landslide

Giving trendy names for shops has become a fad in the state for quite some time to grab the attention of passers-by or  customers.

16 Aug 2019

When dams in Tamil Nadu are filled to brim, Kerala feels the heat 

Chalakudy town was more or less unaffected by the heavy downpour this year although the downstream areas of Chalakudy river witnessed flood-like situations in many places. 

15 Aug 2019

Weather forecast in Kerala comes as dampener for rescue works in flood-hit areas

When asked whether the health of the remaining portion of the hillock has been assessed, he said they were focusing more on rescue operations.

14 Aug 2019

Kerala floods: The ‘terrifying Thursday’ which brought darkness upon Kavalappara

The night of ‘terrifying Thursday’ is seared in the memory of Sunil Kumar, 39. Usually, he went to bed by 9 pm.

13 Aug 2019

Kerala floods: Mining Department knows nothing about GSI survey conducted after 2018 deluge

Mathew Joseph, GSI Kerala director, said the landslide spot at Puthumala in Wayanad was clearly marked in red indicating that it is highly susceptible to a landslide.

13 Aug 2019

Survivors' tales from Kerala's Kavalappara: 'We were lucky, but life is now unbearable'

The morning after, to Sunil Kumar's great surprise, the entire colony where he had lived all his life had vanished and there was only a heap of mud as the nearby hill caved in.

12 Aug 2019

Survivor of Kerala landslides recalls nightmare of lifetime

He was one of the survivors of the devastating landslide that claimed the lives of 58 people of Bhoothanam colony in Kavalappara on Friday.

12 Aug 2019

Survey: Marginal decline seen in Kerala’s wild elephant population

Conservationists say the numbers are healthy considering Kerala forests’ carrying capacity.

05 Aug 2019

After Trivandrum airport, Kerala govt seeks right to operate Hindustan Newsprint Limited

Govt has given permission to approach NCLT that had liquidated Hindustan Paper Corp

04 Aug 2019