Jiddu Krishnamurti

The many angles in a relationship

Relationship is the mirror in which we see ourselves as we are. All life is a movement in relationship.

17 Oct 2019

Can thought bring order?

The problems which thought has created, whether religious problems, or economic, social, moral and so on.

16 Oct 2019

What is meditation?

 In meditation, every form of search must come to an end. One must lay the foundation, of order, which is righteousness, not respectability, the social morality is no morality at all.

10 Oct 2019

Decoding deep-rooted laziness

I think the more one observes the world’s condition, the more it becomes clear that there must be a different kind of action.

09 Oct 2019

The relationship between health and energy 

This enquiry is not just when you are reaching death, on the deathbed, but one must enquire right from when you are very young, or middle aged, or now as the speaker is.

03 Oct 2019

Meditation is a way of understanding life

So if you will, we will together go into this question, not only objectively, outwardly, and also inwardly.

02 Oct 2019

Embrace freedom to observe

There must be freedom to look, freedom to observe, if there is or if there is not - we cannot possibly assume anything.

26 Sep 2019

The benediction of meditation

Because that word has now become the fashion, to talk about meditation.

25 Sep 2019

Pleasure and bliss in our lives

 For most of us, pleasure and its expression is important.

19 Sep 2019

True revolution

One must have observed that throughout the world man, the human being, has always been searching for something much more than the transient.

05 Sep 2019

Decode your dependencies

I think dependency — its attachments and the fear of loss — may be an important issue in our life, that we should really go into it rather deeply.

05 Sep 2019

How does one learn more about oneself?

What is one to do, not having faith in another, not rely on some saviour, some teacher, some authority, then where are you to look for light?

04 Sep 2019

In attention, there is freedom

To concentrate upon, to direct, to focus your mind. And in doing that you exclude, you put a barrier, build a wall so that no other element, thought, influence enters.

28 Aug 2019

Freedom and love

Considering there is so much violence, disorder and confusion in the world, not only in this country, but almost everywhere, it becomes more and more important to become very serious.

27 Aug 2019

Craving, resistance and conditioning

Here is the question put at the beginning: craving strengthens conditioning.

22 Aug 2019