Omjasvin MD

Out of space: Residents say rainwater harvesting systems not feasible in North Chennai

For most residents of North Chennai, the only space available to install the RWH pipes is the narrow streets which are also often dug up for electric cables or sewage pipes repair.

22 Aug 2019

Fruit peels make dishwashing at Chennai's Amma canteens cost-effective

The Greater Chennai Corporation has started processing orange, mosambi and lemon peels, converting them into dishwash powders in their divisional units.

22 Aug 2019

Green switch by the lake

They were an eyesore. They poisoned air, soil and groundwater. But now the 10-foot garbage heaps at Red
Hills have given way to a vibrant recreational ground — thanks to Navarikuppam Town Panchayat

14 Aug 2019

Cut off from family and home, dark day for Kashmiris in Chennai on Eid

With all communication and transport facilities to Kashmir cut off, the community in Chennai were left stranded, neither able to go home nor communicate with their dear ones.

13 Aug 2019

To save water, Chitlapakkam residents in Chennai adopt Japanese afforestation technique

Under Miyawaki method, the top-soil of a selected region is recovered to a depth of 20 to 30 cm by mixing soil and organic compost.

12 Aug 2019

To beat water crisis, Chennaites create ‘Mini Forest’ the Japanese way

In the 80s, Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki introduced the Miyawaki method of reforestation to restore indigenous ecosystems. Under this method, the top-soil of a selected region is recovered to a de

12 Aug 2019

Encroached water bodies, faulty planning stops Chennai from reaping benefits of recent rains

The Indian Meteorological Department data recorded 221 mm rainfall between June 1 and June 24 in Chennai but many localities in the city drowned even with light showers in July.

05 Aug 2019

‘Zero waste’ home with terrace garden shows the way

Though terrace composting has been practised by many people across the country, it is yet to gain momentum in the city.

02 Aug 2019

The death of water streams

Encroachments choke and kill natural water channels in Pallavaram, residents irked by lack of planning for new drains 

25 Jul 2019

One more devotee dead at Aththi Varadar temple

Pilgrims forced to wait for many hours; lack of amenities & rude behaviour add to woes

20 Jul 2019

Vehicles choke at Chennai's Basin Bridge Junction despite traffic diversion

Traffic police officials say that Basin Bridge Junction was made one-way was as a temporary measure to curb congestion.

16 Jul 2019

Trash it in the bin Chennai, will you? 

Thiruneermalai residents dump garbage in open lands and abandoned buildings, clogging drains and choking canals connected to Adyar River

13 Jul 2019

Dry Thiruneermalai lake filling up with effluents

Residents & officials blame MEPZ for mess, call it ‘repeat offender’ 

11 Jul 2019

Civic body lacks civic sense 

The sore sight that welcomes one at VP Hall Compound Road, Moore Market, not very far from Ripon building, is a mini garbage dump yard.

11 Jul 2019

Debris pile, factory waste back on railway bridge

Heaps of garbage, debris including construction waste, factory powder, cloth waste, and even wooden cupboards have been piling up at the Elephant Gate Bridge.

10 Jul 2019