S Vaidhyasubramaniam

Indo-China magic formula in higher education reforms

India and China are of same age in so far as their current country identities are concerned but both have a civilisational history that is a continuum of sorts.

12 Oct 2019

McDonaldised MBA cannot get nationalised

All UGC-recognised universities can offer MBA programmes without the approval of the AICTE.

15 Sep 2019

New kodak moment for old eureka moment

The rank in innovation-driven entrepreneurship is again an impressive three offering a completely new range of products and services that no other businesses offer.

18 Aug 2019

Education’s Heart Beats for Progressive Bharat

There is no doubt that education will have its share in the 167 ideas and more importantly, higher education.

18 Jul 2019

NEP is a Diet for Educational Six-pack

Early childhood learning with stress on foundational literacy and numeracy provides a strong cognitive and emotional development during infancy stages of India’s future.

22 Jun 2019

Online Degree Needs No Regular Pedigree

If racing and driving simulation games can be sold by companies only if they are manufacturing regular automobile cars and bikes, the entire simulation and gaming industry will come down crashing.

23 May 2019

Global Industry 4.0 Needs Indian Education 2.0

A PWC report said that innovation, scale, societal and human force will only will be transforming workforce skills but also will exert significant pressure on the higher education ecosystem.

27 Apr 2019

Focus Needed on Potential, Kinetics of Education

According to law of conservation, energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can change from one form to another.

29 Mar 2019

Celebrate, calibrate and cerebrate India’s education policy

Policy making requires deep cerebration that can catalytically provide an academic recognition to accomplished abilities.   

02 Mar 2019

Make sure to go deep beyond the surfacial scratch

The clings and clangs of the crockery and cutlery usually overpowers the vocal output in ‘conclaves’ or ‘summits’ or similar gatherings.

02 Feb 2019

Need academic thunderstorm, not drizzle

Policy-making in higher education needs to provide an enabling ecosystem that encourages collective talent-building to win the global decathlon for academic excellence.  

06 Jan 2019