Sharmila Chand

A Feast of Colours

How chefs plan colours on the plate, balancing various shades while keeping wellness quotient intact.

01 Jun 2019

Eat your flower and sniff it too

You don’t have to visit a garden to look at the pretty flowers, the chefs are bringing them on your table.

29 May 2019

Burmese New Year celebrations prompts Burma Burma to go all out

The colours, the aroma, the delicacies and ornamentation of the whole much like the Indian thali.

29 Apr 2019

City adds one more slice of Punjab

He explains why their signature dishes are worth sampling.

25 Apr 2019

Dishes come paired with exotic chutneys

Malai Santra Kebab is served with Honey lemon chutney, the combination enhances malai santra kebab by adding a sweet and citreous flavour to the dish when taken together.

09 Apr 2019

The Unassuming Grain that Giveth

The resurgence of age-old grains is more than just a trend in the Indian food industry.

29 Mar 2019

The importance of crockery for culinary ecstasy! 

Chef Ashish Singh likes to consider serving vessels and plates as per the dishes being served. 

25 Mar 2019

Valentine’s Day specials to mark equality in love

AS a mark of respect to the historical verdict on the LGBT Rights, restaurants in the city have specials on offer to celebrate the joy of love.

11 Feb 2019