Why so many Indian businesses are flocking to the UK

Published: 17th July 2017 08:58 PM  |   Last Updated: 17th July 2017 08:58 PM   |  A+A-

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Why So Many Indian Businesses are Flocking to the UK

Business can be difficult, but finding the right market for your business can turn your company into a global enterprise. Indian businesses are one of the fastest growing entities in the world because they have grasped the global business mentality. The number of Indian based businesses within the UK is at an all-time high and increasing with each passing year. The reasons for this are many, but Indian businesses are discovering that the UK is a great hub for businesses worldwide. Here are just a few of the reasons why Indian companies are so taken by the UK.


The UK is a growing nation and highly accepting of new businesses from around the world. That is an extreme attraction to Indian businesses as not all countries are so easy to bring business to. Company formation in the UK is relatively easy as they are quite accepting of countries throughout the world and understand that it is these new businesses that will grow the country as a whole. The UK people are notorious for embracing new ideas which is why the country is well thought of by most other nations.

Make a Good Pair

Not all business relationships are a good idea. Countries often have a different idea as to what will make a company grow and therefore stick to ventures that maintain their individual mindset. Both India and the UK traditionally have a keen understanding of how a joint venture can improve the overall scope of a company. With that knowledge well in hand, investors from both India and the UK tend to work well together when bringing businesses together or expanding a current one.

Rapid Growth

The world of today is quite different than that of 50 years ago. Before the age of the internet and a global mindset, business was conducted in person in a set office. Today business can be conducted from any country and without the confines of a traditional office. The limits as to what a company can achieve are endless and the attractiveness to the UK for Indian companies is the ease of expansion. Not only is a company based in the UK well respected by the rest of the word, but the central location offers a high volume of potential clients which can lead to rapid expansion of the business to areas throughout the world.

Bringing a business to a new country can be quite frightening for any company, but the UK makes it easy for all countries to enjoy working within their borders through a keen understanding of the need for business and growth for the country. They are a people that are inviting to new businesses and are not afraid of change. That makes Indian companies far less nervous about business ventures between the nations. Some countries tend to believe that growth is only maintained for businesses within the country and seem to force incoming businesses to pay high taxes and fees just to get the doors open. This has a negative effect on the country as a whole and tends to stagnate the available businesses within. Bringing in businesses from around the world and embracing the new Indian businesses coming to the UK enables them to maintain a strong economy and therefore a stronger country with a variety of choices for their people.

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