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JD (S) rally throws traffic off gear in Bengaluru

Several roads including Bellary Road, Palace Road, Jayamahal Road and others witnessed bumper to bumper traffic.

7 hours ago

Women in video groped  or robbed? Bengaluru cops unsure

Close on the heels of the Kammanahalli incident where a girl was allegedly molested by two men, a new video of a woman being allegedly molested or robbed surfaced on social networking sites.

13 hours ago

Telling tales of  trees 

Bengaluru is in full bloom and will be so till mid-April. Naturalist  Ulhas Anand takes City Express’  Pushkar V on a tree walk

23 hours ago

Building trust key for B2B sales

Idea validation was the biggest challenge in front of us, and we did a fair amount of ground work before our inception.

23 hours ago

Low on storage space? this app’s got you covered

Tapzo, the app is becoming quite popular with cellphone users as it considerably reduces the need to worry about ones phones’ storage space. 

23 hours ago

The eagle eye that helps prevent accidents

Driveri, an artificial intelligence platform of Netradyne, helps fleet owners recognise safe driving and warn of at-risk situations

23 hours ago

If you are above 50, check regularly for colon cancer

Over eight million people around the world are affected by various types of cancers every year. Globally, Colorectal Cancer (CRC) is on the rise by being the third most predominant cancer and the scen

23 hours ago

Go lunar for a stronger spine

The half-moon pose is an advanced asana requiring strong constitution as well as will power and is for those whose bodies are sturdy and flexible

23 hours ago

When low mood lasts long, treatment is advisable
Feeling low can be a normal emotion

I am 90-plus and have undergone two angioplasties about 15 years ago. My main problem is difficulty in getting sleep. My life is settled. My children are doing well. I have tried different methods but

23 hours ago

Obesity  in kids,  a ticking timebomb

Studies suggest that number of people suffering from obesity has reached epidemic proportions, with children being the most affected

23 hours ago

Love does not exist when there is jealousy

So I am interested in understanding why I am lonely, for I see it is that which makes me attached. That loneliness has forced me to escape through attachment to this or to that and I see that as long as I am lonely the sequence will always be this. What does it mean to be lonely?

23 hours ago

A modern david vs goliath story

Ola and Uber drivers attempt a daring feat by challenging the big aggregators. Is it all gas or will it run? We ask experts 

23 hours ago

Waste being burnt at the dumping yard near Tulasipura, Anjanapura
Anjanapura is a stinking mess thanks to bbmp

People in and around Tulasipura in Anjanapura Ward have been crying hoarse for the past one year over the burning of garbage and the subsequent toxic fumes emanating from a dumping ground in the area

23 hours ago

A scene outside a district court in Delhi; a typewriter making unit in 1984;
Reminiscing india in the times of typewriter

Exploring how the machine became an integral part of the country’s social and economic lives

23 hours ago

Security guard sexually assaults minor, arrested

Modi will throw open country’s longest road tunnel on Srinagar-Jammu National Highway on April 2.

22 Mar 2017

The clip shows the man strutting around the laundry section of the campus, stealing and wearing lingerie.
Caught on Camera: Man sneaks into college hostel, flees with women’s innerwear

The clip shows the man strutting around the laundry section of the campus, stealing and wearing lingerie.

22 Mar 2017

Bengalureans fail to catch that rain

Rainwater harvesting is still not a success although the Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) made it compulsory in 2009. Only a small fraction of structures have adopted it until now.

22 Mar 2017

One of the five floating islands installed at Puttenahalli lake | Express
How one man cleaned three lakes in Bengaluru

The person who had the idea of artificial floating islands purifying water bodies is a 29-year-old architect.

22 Mar 2017

Environmentalists say lakes can be revived using wetland technology, where an artificial wetland is created to treat waste water | jithendra m
Revive lakes, see ripple effect: Bengaluru experts

Once the lifeline of the city, several lakes in Bengaluru have now become polluted.

22 Mar 2017

Emulate Kerala to save habitats in Ghats, says Karnataka BJP

BJP legislators from the Malnad region have appealed to the state government to emulate neighbouring Kerala to save human habitats which will disappear if the Kasturirangan report on saving the Wester

22 Mar 2017

Members of the Karnataka State Medical Students’ Union protest near Mysore Bank Circle on Tuesday against proposed shifting of RGUHS campus | s Manjunath

Do not shift RGUHS campus out of Bengaluru: Students

Hundreds of students studying at various medical, dental and nursing colleges affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) staged a protest against the shifting of the varsity’s ca

22 Mar 2017