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Katherine Heigl(ENS)
Unforgettable review: Sub-par stuff in this movie

The problem with Hollywood’s treatment of such films is that they never try and mix things up.

21 Apr 2017

'Noor' trailer- Youtube screengrab
Noor review: Nothing redeemable in Sunhil Sippy’s venture

The way Noor is written and presented, it's difficult to buy that someone whose naivete is over celebrated can also be that driven.

21 Apr 2017

Screenshot from the Smurfs: The Lost Village trailer.
'Smurfs: The Lost Village' Review: A mediocre addition to the series

Though the kids may well love it for all the action and shenanigans, the plot makes for a somewhat disappointing story.

21 Apr 2017

Sakhavu review: Nivin Pauly is Sakhavu’s soul

The director takes time to establish Nivin’s character. Krishna Kumar wears communism as a garb, he shamelessly proclaims himself as an emerging leader.

17 Apr 2017

Pa Paandi review: A formulaic film with affecting moments

The plot centres around 'Power' Paandi, a popular stunt choreographer who, post retirement, lives with his son.

15 Apr 2017

Begum Jaan review: Vidya cannot salvage this sinking drama

Begum Jaan is the remake of Srijit Mukherji’s Rajkahini that reflects the Bengali film’s original locations of Debigan

15 Apr 2017

YouTube screengrab from Sivalinga trailer.
Sivalinga review: An over-long remake with masala entertainment

An investigative horror-comedy, the film's about the murder of a Muslim youth and the exposing of the culprit.

14 Apr 2017

Arya in Kadamban
Kadamban Review: An over-simplistic, not-bad film about corporate greed

Despite threatening to do so, Kadamban never truly hits the next gear. not in any surprising manner anyway.

14 Apr 2017

A still from  Power Pandi
Pa Pandi review: A formulaic debut film with some affecting moments

The plot centres around 'Power' Pandi, a popular stunt choreographer of films who having retired, lived with his son. 

14 Apr 2017

A screen grab of ‘Fast and Furious 8’ youtube trailer
Fast and Furious 8 Review: Vin Diesel steps on the pedal in this all-out adrenaline ride

This sequence is very symbolic of how the movie runs. 

13 Apr 2017

8 Thotakkal.(Trailer Screengrab via Youtube)
8 Thotakkal Review: A fitting homage to an Akira Kurosawa classic

A rookie cop has his gun stolen on a crowded bus by a pickpocket. Embarrassed by the incident, he tries to track down the weapon.

08 Apr 2017

Julieum 4 Perum Review: A mildy amusing shaggy dog story

The resultant confusion when a dog named Julie and a young girl with the same name, go missing, forms the crux of the plot.

08 Apr 2017

No fireworks in Georgettan’s Pooram

Comedy entertainers have always been crowd pullers and nothing less  was expected from Dileep’s Georgettan’s Pooram, especially since this is the actor’s movie after two duds in a row. 

03 Apr 2017

Manasu Mallige is an honest remake of Sairat

Rockline Venkatesh was so taken in by the Marathi film Sairat that he decide on a Kannada remake.

01 Apr 2017

Rogue: Ishan saves the show

Over the years, Puri Jaggannadh seems to have lost his talent in weaving fresh stories. Rogue is a case in point.

01 Apr 2017

Photo credits: Youtube
Dora Review: A canine-car-horror flick that is all smoke and talk without the torque

There was a lot of expectation riding on Dora - blame it on how much of an impact Nayanthara made in Maya.

31 Mar 2017

The great mix-up

Mammootty gives the already upbeat BGM quite a challenge with his good looks and ups the style quotient

30 Mar 2017

DreamWorks Animation shows the characters Mother, voiced by Lisa Kudrow, from left, Boss Baby, voiced by Alec Baldwin, and Father, voiced by Jimmy Kimmel (Photo | AP/DreamWorks)
The Boss Baby Review: It's clear who wears the diapers

The laughs aren't machine-gun fast; they're rather gentle, surprisingly not completely scatological, and only a few are meant for adults only.

30 Mar 2017

A murder mystery that nobody should care about!

The plot centers on a triple murder in a train, the victims all women and apparently unconnected.

25 Mar 2017

Where villians hogged the show

The fi lm begins with the journey of a simple man who tries to tackle a fi nancial issue and gets entangled in the affairs of criminal elements who circulate fake currency notes.

25 Mar 2017

Fans of superstars and their rivalry

Set in the late 80’s, the film revolves around two painters and cut-out artists of fi lm posters; one is a Rajinikanth fan, and the other is a fan of Kamal Haasan.

25 Mar 2017

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