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Screengrab from the trailer of Bareilly ki Barfi
'Bareilly ki Barfi' Review: An endearing rom-com worth tasting

The characters and their lives are introduced to the audience through a narrative by Javed Akhtar in the beginning of the film.

18 Aug 2017

This image released by Warner Bros Pictures shows Lulu Wilson in 'Annabelle: Creation.' (Warner Brothers Pictures via AP)
'Annabelle: Creation' Review: Lazily scripted and lacks spirit

Director David F. Sandberg's latest offering "Annabelle: Creation" as the title suggests is the original tale or the prequel to the 2014 released "Annabelle".

17 Aug 2017

A still from 'Viceroy's House' a.k.a 'Partition: 1947'. (Photo | Twitter)
Partition 1947 or Viceroy's House review: Partially riveting

Internationally released as "Viceroy's House", this film gives us a glimpse of life during the tumultuous period before the emergence of India and Pakistan as independent nations in 1947.

17 Aug 2017

A poster of Dhananjoy.
Dhananjoy review: Must-see masterpiece on miscarriage of justice

In 2004, after 14 years of trying to prove his innocence, Dhananjoy finally went to his death, leaving innumerable unanswered questions about his guilt.

14 Aug 2017

Poster of Atomic Blonde starring Charlize Therone.
Atomic Blonde review: A Touch of flamboyance

Infused with stylish action sequences, oodles of charisma, apt music Atomic Blonde will keep you engaged for the most part.

12 Aug 2017

Taramani review: A film that holds a mirror up to men

Taramani is a compilation of the many vile things men unleash on woman every day.

12 Aug 2017

A still from Toilet Ek Prem Katha.
Toilet Ek Prem Katha review: Part cinema, part propaganda

There is something strange about the lighting in Shree Narayan Singh's Toilet: Ek Prem Katha (written by Siddharth-Garima). Especially when women are in focus.

12 Aug 2017

Velai Illa Pattadhari 2 review: Cashing in on the popularity of the first

If you’re a man on the verge of marriage, you may want to think again about watching VIP 2. The film will have you believe that marriages are among the worst things that can happen to a man.

12 Aug 2017

A still from Nenu Raja Nene Mantri.
Nenu Raja Nene Mantri review: A riveting political drama

Looks like director Teja has researched on politics, political mindset, hunger for power and money so well that even a politically-ignorant person would be enlightened about the subject.

12 Aug 2017

Sivrajkumar in Mass leader.
Mass Leader review: Shivarajkumar’s mass appeal makes this watchable

Sandalwood is not yet creatively and technically carved enough to make a believable film on the army life.

12 Aug 2017

Podhuvaga Emmanasu Thangam review: How to ruin an iconic song

Podhuvaga Emmanasu Thangam tries till the last minute to fall into the category that we hope it does, but boy, does it fall flat.

12 Aug 2017

The Emoji Movie review: Waste of a great idea

If you’re just going Meh and not reaching for the Turd three times over, TJ Miller, Anna Faris and the guys at the studio will be hi5ing you all night long.

12 Aug 2017

Sarvopari Palakkaran: A bland cocktail

Sarvopari Palakkaran has a promising start, introducing its chauvinist hero with intercuts to an Oorlai song mocking moral policing.

05 Aug 2017

Chunkzz: An adult comedy in the garb of an entertainer

For an entertainer, a few might find Chunkzz a ‘paisa wasool venture’. But, that doesn’t justify its tasteless and offensive attempt at humour.

05 Aug 2017

Sathura Adi 3500: A horror show indeed

When confronted with films like Sathura Adi 3500, you can’t but wonder what people did, before the advent of mobile phones, to cope with such films.

05 Aug 2017

Raju Vishnu: Comedy duo delivers right punch

With Raj Vishnu, director Madesh aims to debunk the perception that a hit comedy film can not remade for the better.

05 Aug 2017

Jab Harry Met Sejal has Shah Rukh Khan playing a version of every Shah Rukh Khan character - Harry - who lives his life pretending to possess characteristics that are entirely flipped from those of the Khan lover boy as we know him.
Imtiaz Ali goes out of form with Jab Harry Met Sejal

Jab Harry Met Sejal plays like an extended version of the first half (or quarter?) of Imtiaz Ali’s previous film, Tamasha.

05 Aug 2017

Darshakudu: Stuck between love and passion

After Kumari 21F, director Sukumar returns as a producer with a subject he is always fond of — a quirky love story which wonderfully explores the conflict between art and love.

05 Aug 2017

Screengrab from Gurgaon trailer
Gurgaon review: Blood-soaked Shakespearean parable on crime, redemption

Till the very end of this violent saga, we are given clues and glimpses into minds and hearts that are governed by greed.

03 Aug 2017

A still from Indu Sarkar. (Photo |facebook.com/madhurbhandarkarofficial/)
Indu Sarkar review: An astutely mounted propaganda film

A political drama with a detailed disclaimer about hurting the sentiments of anyone, Madhur Bhandarkar's controversial "Indu Sarkar" is a cleverly plotted propaganda film.

29 Jul 2017

Berlin syndrome review: A moody thriller that ensnares you

Never get into a stranger’s car and never accept food offered by those you don’t know about. These are warnings we have always heard growing up.

29 Jul 2017