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Veerathevan review: Loud, boorish and nothing new

Tamil cinema, while continuing to take up different genres in telling interesting stories, still falls back upon staples from time to time.

19 Jan 2018

A tepid end portion puts paid to a fairly intriguing thriller

You think Liam Neeson, you think Taken. Well, at least I do.

19 Jan 2018

A decent drama

Based on journalist Doug Stanton’s non-fiction book, Horse Soldiers, 12 Strong details the exploits of the American Special Forces unit by the name of Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA 595) in Afghani

19 Jan 2018

A murder mystery that tries too hard to  confound

In the very first scene we see ACP Ashwini Dixit (Kay Kay Menon) running aimlessly, rolling over snow, alternating between flat, paved roads and snowy mountainous terrain. Then he arrives at a hotel,

19 Jan 2018

Carbon review: A diamond that sparkles 

How do we find the riches of life? In self-realisation? Or in fighting our fears? Or, is it when we turn the ashes of life to diamonds of success?

19 Jan 2018

'12 Strong' review: Mildly entertaining yet engaging revenge drama 

The movie takes us directly into the battlefield -- where 12 American soldiers set out to wipe out the Al-Qaeda backed Taliban from Afghanistan.

19 Jan 2018

Sanjay Suri in a still from 'My Birthday Song' (YouTube)
'My Birthday Song' review: A skilfully mounted psychological drama

A simple tale that is intelligently narrated where the plot is made complex with an astutely layered, story-telling technique.

19 Jan 2018

A still from 'Vodka Diaries' (Photo | YouTube screen grab)
'Vodka Diaries' review: A Thriller unlike any other

The movie stays true to the path of deception and betrayal that the suspense genre adapts and makes some sharp swings into the unexpected towards the end.

18 Jan 2018

Poster of The Darkest Hour.
'The Darkest Hour' review: Gary Oldman was awaiting all his life to play Winston Churchill's role

The lengthy film has passages of excellence popping up like a clown at a very dull birthday party.

17 Jan 2018

'Queen' review: Dramatic twists ruin a fun start

The movie that begins as a campus fun entertainer later transforms into a courtroom drama.

15 Jan 2018

'Daivame Kaithozham K Kumarakanam' review: A satire, but with flaws

The origin of every discourse on gender politics happens at the micro level, between a husband and his wife.

12 Jan 2018

Suriya and KEerthi Suresh in 'Thaanaa Serndha Koottam'
'Thaanaa Serndha Koottam' review: A fairly entertaining Robinhood story, NOT a gripping heist

If you’ve watched and loved Neeraj Pandey’s Special 26, bear this warning in mind: Gang is NOT a heist film.

12 Jan 2018

Nandamuri Balakrishna and Nayanthara in 'Jai Simha'. (YouTube screengrab)
'Jai Simha' review: For hardcore fans and masses

Balakrishna is, without doubt, the darling of the masses. And if his film is slotted for Sankranti, it creates tremendous fanfare.

12 Jan 2018

Sumukhi Suresh and Danish Sait in a screengrab from 'Humble Politician Nograj's trailer.
'Humble Politician Nograj' review: Good for voters, right in time for polls

Given the massive popularity of Danish Sait as an RJ, Prankster and anchor, his debut as an actor and writer of Humble Politician Nograj, in collaboration with director Saad Khan, comes across as an i

12 Jan 2018

'Sketch' review: A mediocre plan

Thanks to the majority of the film bringing nothing new to the table, Sketch is only something that might, to an extent, satiate the hunger of Vikram’s fans.

12 Jan 2018

'The Post' review: Majestic, stunning and utterly relevant

All the President’s Men is the gold standard for films based on journalism.

12 Jan 2018

'Kaalakaandi' review: Thoroughly entertaining

Akshat Verma’s Kaalakaandi brings to the fore three contemporary Bombay stories that run parallel to each other.

12 Jan 2018

'Mukkabaaz' review: Intense romantic drama masquerading as a sports film

Anurag Kashyap Cast: Vineet Kumar Singh, Zoya Hussain, Jimmy Shergill In Anurag Kashyap’s Mukkabaaz, the ghosts of Kashyap’s past lurk and…

12 Jan 2018

'Gulaebaghavali' review: Flat humour, unexciting adventure

It’s a film that should be an exciting adventure, a funny comedy, a quirky romance. Instead, it’s a dull journey, an unfunny comedy, and a disturbing romance, at best.

12 Jan 2018

Saif Ali Khan in Akshat Verma's 'Kaalakaandi'.
'Kaalakaandi' review: Black humour hard sold

It lacks a lesson or message and is content to show three sets of people facing a series of interlocking challenges they face one night.

12 Jan 2018

A still from Mukkabaaz
'Mukkabaaz' movie review: Anurag Kashyap's most sensitive film

To begin with, it is not just an ode to pugilism. It is an ode to that thing called love.

11 Jan 2018