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Sarahah user? You may have low self-esteem and risk emotional abuse

The website states that Sarahah is to help “improve friendship by discovering strengths and areas of improvement” using constructive criticism.

Microsoft's speech recognition system achieves new milestone

This means that a computer can recognise the words in a conversation.

Gionee launches 'X1' smartphone at Rs 8,999

It comes with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage which is expandable up to 256GB.

Twitter may aid disaster response in real time

Twitter and other social media platforms can help track natural disasters in real time and
alert first responders.


Breastmilk may ward off bacterial infections in babies

Protective sugars found in breastmilk help protect babies against bacterial infections.

Now an artificial heart made of spider silk

Researchers have developed cardiac muscle tissue made of spider silk.

Mussel-inspired glue promises safer fetal surgery

The ability of mussels to stick has led to the inspiration but the chemical crosslinkers may be toxic to fetus.

Giving elite athletes a ‘gutsy’ edge with a new microbiome

Scientists have now tapped into the microbiome of exceptional runners and rowers, and have identified particular bacteria that may aid athletic performance.

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Popularity of long weekends growing among Indians: Experts

There has been a surge in bookings for long weekends and short haul overseas destinations are the most in demand, according to industry players.

Reasons for visiting Bhutan this August 

Besides a breathtaking view of Himalayas, monasteries, fortresses and dramatic landscapes Bhutan has a lot to offer to its tourists. 

Indian destinations that can give an international vacation experience 

Looking for affordable holidays, here is the list.


Your diet of hamburgers, pizza is putting you at increased cancer risk

Besides contributing to weight gain in adults, it increase risk of cancer.

Why whisky tastes better with water revealed

Adding water to whisky alters the drink's molecules to make it taste better.

This is why expensive wines taste better

A higher price tag on the bottle causes the reward centre in the brain to trick the taste processing regions.

Good news for Red Wine drinkers you are shielded from flu

Also, black tea or a blueberry cheesecake, keeps flu away.

File photo: Indian novelist Arundhati Roy presents her book 'The Ministry of Utmost Happiness' at the Parco della Musica Auditorium in Rome. (AP Photo)

Arundhati Roy among Man Booker contenders 

Roy, who won the prize in 1997 for "The God of Small Things," is in the running again with her long-awaited second novel, "The Ministry of Utmost Happiness."

Five books to look forward to in August 2017

August offers simple reading options.

Sudha Murthy: A tale of more books and less friends

Over 20,000 books neatly arranged in two libraries.


Here's an Ayurvedic approach to parenting 

Here are the ways described how Ayurveda can be incorporated in the task of parenting.

Three i’s for spiritual growth

You become boundless not by becoming big.

Guru can pull you out of pains

People tells me, they feel peace and happiness when they sit for dhyan. 

Stop asking why me, instead say try me

Learning to leave things behind, the best practices to develop patience.