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Digital technology to increasingly operate on human terms

Ericsson ConsumerLab noted that consumers expect digital technology to increasingly operate on human terms.

Now reply privately within groups on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is testing new features that include tap to unblock and private replies in groups, among others.

Intel partners Warner Bros to make car rides fun

Intel and Warner Bros to develop in-cabin 'immersive experiences' such as VR and augmented reality.

ASUS Zenfone 4 Selfie, a decent overall performer

The front shooter also features "Live Beautification" mode.


About to embrace motherhood? Here are five hacks!

Balancing household chores while being a new mother is a hassle.

Poor sleep may up depression risk

Teenagers with sleep deprivation may indulge more in addictions.

Dental care may curb obesity in children

The study found a direct relationship between dental health and rise in BMI.

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'Golden' potato may boost Vitamins A, E

Potato is the staple food which has Vitamin A and E deficiencies.


India holds its top spot for tourism in Dubai

This increase affirmed the effectiveness of various innovative promotional activities driven by Dubai Tourism in the market.

The Hanoi hustle

Hanoi is a mix of everything from old and new.

Experience beauty of real volcano in Japan

The park boasts diverse scenery and abundant hot springs.

Musings of majestic meadows

The quaint village of Raithal offers an unmissable abundance of nature.


Quirky is the new cool

Ahmedabad-based entrepreneurs turn the mundane cafes into something that promises an array of adventure 

Drink your way to a smarter you with wine

Raise a toast as it can make your brain function more efficiently.

A secret change in Nutella’s recipe

Nutella fans are angry as their favourite chocolate-and-hazelnut spread now has a new recipe.

The Lalit Food Truck Company

Feasting gourmet delicacies on wheels

If you are looking for quality meals, then 'Horn OK Please food truck festival' is your place.

Author Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond autobiography wins literary award 

The book, launched earlier this year, talks about the octagenarian writer's eventful life, often taking readers back in time to the genesis of some of his memorable works.

The Bhojpuri Kitchen: Book review

The chef describes the discovery of "bhansa ghar" in a new book.

Playboy features 1st transgender model

Rau appears in a pictorial which pays tribute to Hugh Hefner.

'My book is account of political drama'

Mukherjee said that his autobiography steered clear of any personal details.


Allow god to work in his own way

Every moment our joy, happiness and bliss depend on how we think.

Desires should be dharmic

Many people doubt why they have to undergo suffering in spite of having faith.

How the World heard the Ramayana

The great sage Valmiki taught the Ramayana to the two little cherubs who were growing in his ashram.

Senses are like a beautiful organisation

Sri Adi Sankaracharya in the Tatwa Bodha outlines the different components of the mind and arranges them in front of us, as if someone would with aplomb remove the parts of a machine, polish them well and display it out for study by the student.