Say cheers to gluten-free beer

Gluten based sensitivities impact millions of people each year, leading to a dramatic rise in gluten-free food products on grocery store shelves.

Yoga can bridge the gap in our knowledge

Life gives an opportunity to learn. The purpose of learning is to educate ourselves. The purpose of education is to refine our own knowledge

Kids get spa and snip smart

Specialised children salons and grooming centres with various facilities are mushrooming in cities 


Childhood passive smoking may up arthritis risk later

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder affecting many joints, including those in the hands and feet.

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A Brahmaputra odyssey

A cruise on the river from Guwahati to Jorhat aboard a luxury vessel offers insights into the rich culture, heritage and wildlife of Assam.

Star spangled splendour in the mist

Encased in lush green hills, Karnataka’s Sakleshpur is a quiet retreat tucked away in coffee plantations

Romancing the rain

The joys of visiting the rain forest in Karnataka’s Agumbe are of unrivalled diversity out of a fantasy

A royal treasure trove in ruins

Medieval Islamic structures here display elements from Turkish, Persian and Hindu cultures


The bold story of beautiful food

She calls herself the black sheep in the family. Rebellion was in chef and restaurateur Reina Nagai’s blood. She wanted to innovate.

Kanji, the wunder cure

A friend rang me up lamenting that any time she ate outside home, she had this terrible after effect of a sluggish digestion that made her feel uneasy and unwell.

His journey from steaks to sambar

Chef Sanjeev Ranjan of Courtyard by Marriott loves to explore ingredients and cuisine. Having travelled the world, he urges aspiring cooks to trot the globe to understand cuisines through different cu

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The great development debate

A ground-up perspective, while documenting India’s disparities in growth and governance challenge

Of a Himalayan coup and life in exile

Author Singha Durbar takes the reader through the stormy days of the early years of Nepal’s Rana regime.

A look back in time

It’s a tale set in India’s Pataliputra during Alexander’s conquest of the Persian capital of Persepolis and the Battle of the Hydaspes.

The summer reading list

One swallow doesn’t make a summer, but there are stories, pictures and narratives that create magic to make a summer delightful. Indian writing across genres is going from strength to strength with a


Three i’s for spiritual growth

Some time ago, someone asked in a satsang, “I have seen so many spiritual teachers, but I have never been drawn towards anybody like I am drawn towards you. What is it that you have?”

Guru can pull you out of pains

People often tell me that they feel peace and happiness when they sit for dhyan. This feeling of peace and happiness is actually a normal state, it should be always. Dhyan happens after. 

Stop asking why me, instead say try me

Learning to leave things behind is one of the best practices to develop patience, and in turn, compassion and wisdom

Meditate to get rid of mental mess

There are days when we wake up and our hair is in a mess. Eyes are disturbed due to lack of sleep. You look around in the room and see clothes crumpled and scattered around. Suitcases not fully unpack

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