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Amazon offers over one lakh books in eight Indian languages

The books are in Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.

Apple acquires face recognition software RealFace

RealFace has developed a facial recognition software that offers users a smart biometric login, aiming to make passwords redundant when accessing mobile devices or PCs.

Snapchat plans to unveil Android smartphone: Report

Snapchat is also introducing "Our Story" -- a new global live story.

New method will change the way you charge your devices

The induced currents in the structure are channelled through discrete capacitors.


Chronic knee pain can be treated online

Skype sessions with a physical therapist to learn home exercises and pain-coping skills showed improved physical functioning.

Mortality rates two-10 times higher in young criminals: Study

16 years after detention, 111 of those died.

Ayurveda: A pharmacopoeia for all

Drugs are often changed if it’s not suitable for the patient’s agnibala.

Quick bite into sickness

Those who love fast food and sweets are prone to liver diseases.


Tribal tales of exotica

Hidden in the labyrinths of rural Karnataka is the unique culture of the ancient Kuruba and Kodava tribals, one of India’s most endearing folk traditions

French kiss in Paris

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, here’s a list of romantic and offbeat experiences in the city of love for you and your beloved

Art house of the fantastic frescoes

In the dusty bustling little market town of Nawalgarh, I am vowed by the vividly colourful frescoes casually popping up on the walls of havelis.


The insipid capital fests

There were four food fests that happened in the capital.

Hawai Adda: Airbus plane converted into restaurant in Ludhiana

The seating capacity of the restaurant has been reduced to 65. 

Berry berry nice

Make merry with the delicious goodness of berries in a dizzying spread of gourmet gospels

Chefs' choice: back to the homely basics

Home style food, in-house greens and herbs, regional cuisines, ethnic spices, chef-driven tasting menus, simplicity in flavours and ‘back to basics’ emerge as top trends in F&B this year.


Dark matters

Cosmology expert Stuart Clark pursues the greatest granddaddy of our universe’s sum total of unknowns.

Reading is the key

Indian mythology is a treasure trove of stories.

The sisterhood of royal intrigue

A Mahabharata pastiche on how queens decided the future of kingdoms.


Merger of Shiv and Shakti

A practical example of merger of Shiv and Shakti is the institution of marriage.

The 112 ways of Shiva

You can call it God, Shiva or whatever you want.

Conquer your invincible desires

It just does not die out with the passage of time.

Breathe out anxiety and be with silence

The mind can relax its focus on the body.