Panos Panay, corporate vice president for Surface Computing at Microsoft Corp. (Photo | AP)

Microsoft finally unveils Surface Studio

Expanding the Surface family, Microsoft has unveiled Surface Studio, Surface Dial and a more powerful Surface Book along with an announcement that a major update is coming to more than 400 million Windows 10 devices in early 2017. Starting at $2,999, Surface Studio is a new class of device.

Add Bollywood to your clothes!

A Gurgaon-based startup has launched a smart fashion app.

Panic button to be introduced in mobiles

The button will help people in distress, especially women.

Windows 10 to bring in 3-D 

Microsoft wants to add 3D to Windows and Office.


Social media can lead to exercise

Start competing with your peers on online health programmes.

Will Californians legalize marijuana?

After legalization in Colorado, looks like California will follow.

Cholesterol test for 1-year-olds?

Doing so might help in countering future diseases. 

Image used for representational purpose only. (Photo | Reuters)

Alcohol mixed with energy drink as risky as cocaine

Drinking highly caffeinated alcoholic beverages trigger changes in the adolescent brain, similar to taking cocaine, and the consequences last into adulthood, according to a recent research conducted at Purdue University. Lead researcher Richard van Rijn looked at the effects of highly caffeinated energy drinks and alcohol.

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Sky lanterns in Taiwan's Shifen village carry tourists' wishes to the Gods

The fusion of two activities -- signalling against bandits and sending up wishes and prayers during the Chinese New Year -- has resulted in tourists flying lanterns to the Gods in Shifen village. Lined up along the narrow gauge railway track in the mountainous Shifen village.

Taiwan promotes tourism targeting Indians 

Taiwan is targeting Indian families and businesses. 

Gorillas in Rwanda's volcanic mountains 

Gorillas in the lush slopes of the Virunga Mountains.

Smithsonian museum 'Wizard of Oz' relics

The museum wants to conserve another relic from the movie.


Why tomatoes lose flavour in fridge

Because their genes chill out and the fruit loses its flavour.

Food tweets contain just one healthy item: US study

Chicken, among these tweets, qualifies to be healthy.

Box of nostalgia

E-store Goosebumps Pickles hopes to go international soon. 

Krishna Kumari (left) with daughter Dipika | JITHENDRA M

Culinary queen, big screen size

A book about former Telugu actress Krishna Kumari Khaitan’s culinary skills reveals the food connoisseur’s special recipes.My Mother, T Krishna Kumari is a delightful book written by Dipika V Maiya on the life and times of her 83-year-old mother Krishna Kumari Khaitan, a famous Telugu actress for three decades from the 60s. The book contains some of the former actresses’ recipes and anecdotes of the family’s food habits and experiments in the kitchen.

London attack |AP

New graphic novel recounts Bataclan horror

This is just one scene from a new graphic novel, "Mon Bataclan" (My Bataclan), drawn by Fred Dewilde.

Being women in a war-torn land

Garrisoned Minds points out three major developments in the region. 

Infuse passion into your profession

Perhaps management students aren’t doing well in their jobs.

Odisha literary festival

The event is set to take place on November 5th & 6th at Mayfair Convention Centre. 


Left hand versus right hand

The left is the feminine in you—it needs to be protected and nurtured.

Secret of priceless mind

Almost nine of ten people operate only through their mind.

Qualities of a true emancipated being

The sage describes a jeevan mukta in many verses.


Stay emotionally detached for inner peace

With some training, you can develop this attitude. Emotional detachment can help you remain calm and undisturbed when people criticise you, when plans do not work out as expected, and when encountering upsetting or stressful people.It means letting go of negative thoughts and emotions.