Director of Ringing Bells, Mohit Goel with CEO, Dhaarna Goel during the launch event holding Freedom 251. (PTI)

Where has 'Freedom 251', world's cheapest smartphone, disappeared?

If you are among those who pre-booked the world's cheapest smartphone at Rs 251 (less than $4) and are yet to hear from its Noida-based makers, you are not alone. The promise of delivering "nearly 200,000 Freedom 251 handsets" has fallen flat

Google honours 'Little Women' Alcott

The doodle shows Alcott's creations -- Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy and Jo's best friend Laurie.

Israeli tech firm can steal phone data

No phone on the market is impossible for them to crack.

Nokia phones poised for comeback 

A new Finnish company set up to revive the Nokia phone brand.


Is saturated fat good for health?

Dietary fat and particularly saturated fat is unhealthy for most.

Beware of winter blues!

Delhi winter is fraught with health risks and calls prudence. 

'Games relieve phantom limb pain'

The virtual reality therapy helps the patient "move" the lost arm.

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More frequent sexual intercourse leads to better memory in women

Researchers have found that more frequent sexual intercourse may strengthen women's ability to remember words. Previous studies had reported the beneficial effects sexual intercourse on memory function in animal models.

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Ways to travel hassel-free during demonetisation

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a decision to scrap Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes to curb black money. Travelling after demonetisation is a tricky business, and if you have plans to travel, here are a few tips to travel trouble-free.

Assam hill station to host culture fest

Assam's picturesque hill station Haflong worth the trip.

Wrapped in silent solitude

Winds in Uttarakhand’s Darma Valley sing a song of nature.

Indian orchid survey need of the hour

Mapping species in India is the need of the hour to save them.


Glocal plates and food miles

International restos meeting local sensibilities.

Eat, sway, love the Danish way

Do you know frolicking food like the Danish?

A heritage of hospitality

The 200-year-old bungalow of Nawab of Radhanpur's minister.

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In high spirits

Life is good when there are 8,000 bottles of a special cask-strength edition of Lagavulin wending its way to you from Scotland. The distillery hasn’t released a 25-year-old since 2002. It has also very rarely distributed anything totally matured in sherry casks. Aged for 25 years in sherry casks, the 25YO is a rich, big dram, with layers of smoke and dried fruit.


A himalayan hoard of testimony from the Mughal era to the current times

This compilation of essays ranges from the Mughal era to the present. The lineup of essayists in this volume shines as brightly as the Himalayas they write about. The book has been divided into three sections: ‘Adventures’, ‘Meditations’ and ‘Life’.

Murakami to publish new novel

Shinchosha did not reveal details of the book, but said it will be long.

Unusual life of the Mahatma’s wife

The author explores Kasturba Gandhi’s mind.

View of Delhi’s black and white past

It paints a picture of the capital through events since 1950s.


Intensity of the five senses

When eyes meet its object form, different experiences are born.

Understanding emotions beyond appearance

It's important to perfect the tool with which we experience happiness.

Seer and the seen

The mind does not grow without astuteness.

Divine feminine in Hinduism

The worship of the feminine has been the most ancient form of worship on the planet, widespread not just in India, but in Europe, Arabia and large parts of Africa. Unfortunately, in the West, goddess temples were razed to the ground in a concerted attempt to wipe out all traces of so-called paganism, polytheism and idolatry.