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The ship that watched the Titanic sink - a quest to find why 

What about a ship near enough to help but didn't?

18 Jul 2017

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Of compelling characters in fewer pages: Short-story writer Akhil Sharma

His second novel, 'Family Life' won the Folio Prize in 2015 and the International Dublin Literary Award in 2016.

18 Jul 2017

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From the distant shores

Anees Salim’s fifth novel, The Small-Town Sea, hits the mark with its authentic emotions

15 Jul 2017

The Abbottabad residence where bin Laden was gunned down
Abbottabad and after

This book on Osama bin Laden lays bare the dark underbelly of the ISI

15 Jul 2017

Devdutt Pattanaik
‘There’s no harm in simplifying mythology’

Your books have simple explanation. And that is its USP. But critics say that you ‘over simplify’.

15 Jul 2017

Heroes of the past: Anita Shirodkar’s fourth book to come out

The first book of a new trilogy promises an exciting retelling based on the Indian epics.

14 Jul 2017

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HarperCollins celebrates 25 years with 25 special editions

HarperCollins began its journey in 1992 with 20 books that year. Twenty-five years later, it boasts a list of over 180 new books a year.

09 Jul 2017

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Retracing the spice route

From her mother’s Panch Phoron to the fiercely guarded East Indian Bottle Masala, India’s first MasterChef brings to you unique masalas

08 Jul 2017

Sudarshan Purohit
Target language matters

The best translated works read like the original that manage to retain the same flavour and punch

08 Jul 2017

Jewels don’t lie on the wearer silent and supine
The legend of the ring lives on

Wendy Doniger talks about the stories and a sense of purpose, and even intentions that jewels have

08 Jul 2017

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This monsoon, it's raining romances for readers of popular fiction

Brutally sidelined by critics, made fun of by several headline authors and even rejected for its "average and below-average" standard of writing,…

08 Jul 2017

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A surrealistic, supernatural quest in Karachi - and beyond (Book Review)

Pakistan-Australian comedian and writer Sami Shah uses unholy nexus to show events like the May 2011 attack on the Pakistan Navy base in Karachi in an entirely new light.

07 Jul 2017

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Book explores spectrum of demonetisation in detail

Eminent names from the political and the academic world explore the entire spectrum of demonetisation in a new book.

06 Jul 2017

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Review: Robotics and closed borders: Is it end of globalisation?

Two recent books by prominent western authors, appear to construct a narrative of the doom and suggest that 2017 may be the year when globalisation ends.

03 Jul 2017

Vivek Shanbhag|JITHENDRA M
The Kannada Chekhov in our midst

Even as Konkani is his mother tongue, Kannada lets Vivek Shanbhag connect with himself.

01 Jul 2017

‘We need to revive the high status of women’: Amish Tripathi

Your characters are straight out of mythology books, but with a twist.

01 Jul 2017

Sita recycled and retold

Amish’s second book in the Ram Chandra series brings us the demure Mithila princess as a warrior

01 Jul 2017

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Five books to look forward to in July 2017

The current trend in Indian publishing space, as also globally, shows a phenomenal rise of nonfiction while the number of fiction titles has dipped significantly over the past couple of years.

30 Jun 2017

Harry Potter. (Photo | AP)
Bloomsbury India launches special 'house' editions to mark 20 years of Harry Potter

It was the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on Monday.

27 Jun 2017

book review
The world where the truth matters not (Book Review)

Welcome to the 'Post-Truth' world where the truth is no longer an obstacle - and its very concept is contested.

26 Jun 2017

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The great development debate

A ground-up perspective, while documenting India’s disparities in growth and governance challenge

24 Jun 2017