The subversive power of humour
A political cartoonist who toppled a leader comes across a past event that shaped his life.
Book tastings
Flavour of books this week
To women and the stories they live
Intriguing Women is an insightful journey into the world of womanhood
The road to a civilisational revival
A history of the world’s earliest and richest trade route that witnessed many political and cultural events
Roller-coaster of past and present
With a touch of history, It is a fast-paced story set in a familial world where ‘money makes everything right.
Series of suspense
Here's a detective story.
Life in the fast lane
Travel writer and auto enthusiast, Rishad Saam Mehta, on fast cars, best riding routes and making memories.
Travelogue amid a chaotic internal journey of a woman and her love
Can life be ever defined in a definite manner? The book at hand tries to emphasize that life is a "dangle".
Harper Collins' garage sale with books at Rs 25, Rs 50
Harper Collins had previously hosted a similar sale last year but that was only meant for the staff, Gupta says.
Healing history
The author investigates how Indian medicine came to be the way it is.
An activist's audacity of hope
An ‘insider’ account of the AAP phenomenon and the rise of Kejriwal as a political force
The predictable protagonist
The book is a gripping tale of a feisty woman who flees her home to a hermitage, to command a religious order.
Book tastings
Here is a selection of the best books this week.
Moral yardstick to beat censor
While so much energy is expended on triviality, pressing problems persist and plague this proud nation.
The war that shaped an awesome army
The masterly work analyses how a 2.5 million-strong Indian Army was raised to fight during the World War II
'New-age couples need to work on time, tech and distance'
One of the bestselling authors Preeti Shenoy will be launching her non-fiction work on relationships in the city.
Book tasting
Sleaze lies in the eyes of the beholder
Sunny Leone’s Sweet Dreams puts the birds and the bees in a cosy nest.
Capturing the other side of ragas
Musicscapes is one of the most comprehensive documentation of Indian classical musicians’ lives and times.
Saptapadi: seven steps to freedom
Patnaik captures the burdens of everyday and what characters identify as solutions.
The Mercedes chronicles
Adil Jal Darukhanawala’s book on the Benz motorsport heritage is as engrossing as the three-pointed star race cars.
Publishers need to motivate new authors: Ashwin Sanghi
The businessman-turned-writer self-published "The Rozabal Line" under the pseudonym Shawn Haigins.

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