Other Stories

Author’s labour not lost in translation

Sujatha narrates with such finesse that many of his tales are turned into films

04 Feb 2017

Caught in the religious tangle

The book explores some major aspects of Islamic personal law that adversely affect women

04 Feb 2017

Formidable females

In her debut collection, the writer chooses eight feisty women who dared to challenge tradition and deviated from prescribed gender roles

04 Feb 2017

Her life in her words

Actress, singer and author Suchitra Krishnamoorthi opens up about her latest semi-biographical book - Drama Queen

04 Feb 2017

Participants at the Thirsty Pens meet
This team quenches your thirst to write

Stuck with one paragraph as you start writing your book? This new group helps amateurs build their creativity in fiction writing.

02 Feb 2017

Short but powerful

‘Alone with everybody’ is the English translation of the Malayalam and Hindi poems of Santosh Alex

01 Feb 2017

Come, listen to the stories of ‘birds’ with 'Birds of Prey'

A rchana started writing when she was barely eight. Her works have been published in school and college journals.

30 Jan 2017

Book tastings

It’s a story of two very different women. Anjali is a traditional wife and mother. Zina, on the other hand, is beautiful, ambitious and completely unscrupulous.

29 Jan 2017

Oneal Sabu
Chicken soup for the lawyer’s soul

Food enthusiast Oneal Sabu has one recipe or chapter for every mood in his newly launched book

28 Jan 2017

The Kappad beach in Calicut where  Vasco da Gama landed in 1498
Devour the pipping hot malabar curry

The anecdotal book is backed by good research with sprinkled humour

28 Jan 2017

A lane in Thamel
Lanes of hashish brotherhood

The author is an interesting and irreverent narrator who takes us on a whirlwind tour of the histories and stories around Thamel in Kathmandu

28 Jan 2017

Portraits of superwomen

The idea of heroism in women is not easily defined. In men, the notion is often associated with physical strength and bravery.

21 Jan 2017

The port city  of Muziris
Tracing back the forgotten roots

The book chronicles a port town in Kerala told through the protagonist, who rediscovers his hometown on an excavation trip.

21 Jan 2017

Brothers’ love lost in ravages of time

Punctuated by real-life historical events and references, the story gathers pace while giving one a realistic sketch of society.

21 Jan 2017

Mita Kapur
Platform of greatest plotters

In a tête–à–tête, 50-year-old  Mita Kapur shares her experience of putting together an event that celebrates crime.

21 Jan 2017

The true meaning of life with Dr Jisha

In Dr Jisha Rajesh’s  novel, ‘We shall meet again’, love and friendship play hide and seek.

21 Jan 2017

murder Of Many Motives, No Suspects

Keigo Higashino’s intelligent story, which follows a typical template of the Japanese novelist, suggests murderer and motive in the first chapter

18 Jan 2017

The throne of queen Elizabeth II dons the Kohinoor diamond
Romancing the infamous stone

The book narrates the journey of the coveted diamond from the hands of the Mughals to its ownership by the British

14 Jan 2017

A still from the movie  The Girl on the Train
Dealing with the deluge of books

Book lovers are haunted by the fact that there are too many books and too little time to read them all.

14 Jan 2017

A tiger takes  a stroll in Ranthambore National  Park as tourists  look on
A Tiger story burning bright

The author profiles the many tigers of Ranthambore National Park that won a place in his heart, each perhaps for a different reason, and links his story to theirs

14 Jan 2017

Book tastings

Over the course of two intense years, Swati Sengupta spoke to dozens of surrendered Maoist soldiers.

07 Jan 2017