Defusing a India-Pakistan nuclear flashpoint
Mathew Palmer, in his second book, presents a taut, pulsating account of how wars can start -- or be primed to start by vested int...
The rainbow hues that made up England
There are quite a few people in England who want to be only English
Tribute to an evergreen voice
Asha Bhosle’s biography draws attention to those facets of her career that are usually overlooked
A twisted tale of religious falsehood
Two friends unwillingly turn into war machines in the garb of religious fanaticism
Mystery man and his man-eaters
Author Stephen Alter takes three episodes from the legendary hunter, photographer and naturalist Jim Corbett’s life and fictionali...
9 Underrated Horror Books to Read Next
Sometimes, the best horror books are those that float just under-the-radar, with only the help of dedicated readers and great word...
Book tastings
Chronicle of a downfall
Abdullah Hussein’s work is the narrative of a period that changed the world
In quest of freedom, death becomes her
Set in the Naxalite movement backdrop,it draws fine line between love, violence and the price one pays for idealism
Caught in the spiral of history
The novel tells the stories of three generations of British expatriates
Gayle storms a new ballgame
West Indian ‘six machine’ Chris Gayle talks about his autobiography, childhood memories,and life as a father
Engineer's self-published novel tops Amazon charts
Javeeth Ahamed - A debutant author whose romantic novel spanning Chennai to Paris is already on Amazon bestsellers’ list
Return to the darkness of desolation
With Nepal as a backdrop, the novel portrays the quest of four characters
Bonding rural India with Dhan
This is the success story of an enterprise,started in 1999 as a micro-credit organisation became Bandhan Bank in 2015
Book tastings
Flavour of new books this week
Fifteen shades of pleasure
The book is a collection of erotic literature with variety in setting and style by 15 authors exploring human nature
Where east meets west
Gradually, the underground narrative turns into a narrative of the above-ground. Initially centered around people,
Big bikes, big hearts and magic bullets
Apart from riding, charity and helping needy provide a sense of satisfaction to members of Kerala’s Alleppey Bullet Club
Roar at Indian cricket grounds humbles me: AB de Villiers
A.B. de Villiers says the roar at the stadia during the IPL matches makes him feel humble and privileged.
Here is a list of 10 Books for Sherlock Holmes Fans
There are plenty of books for Sherlockians (it's a real term), who know that the mark of a great mystery novel is when its solutio...

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