New book views Indian history from maritime perspective
A new book attempts to retell the country's past from a maritime perspective.
'Amma' review: How Jayalalithaa inched her way to the top
Here is a review of the book titled 'Amma' that captured Jayalalithaa journey so far.
A Million Years in a Day review: Our routine daily activities and their chequered histories
Here is the review of the book A Million Years in a Day - A Curious History of Daily Life by author Greg Jenner.
9 Books About Unsolved Murders
The only thing more interesting than a murder trial is a case that never made it past the investigation.
Stories can be found everywhere
Author Savi Sharma speaks about her writing escapades and her inspiration
Book tastings
Flavour of new books this week
The Night Netaji escaped from his Calcutta home
The memoir of one of Subhas Bose’s nephews is a lucid narrative of the politics of the Bose brothers.
India through the prism of advertisements
The author combines the evolution of ad campaigns with that of economy and society
An intriguing weave of pure evil
The plot leading to a skilfully orchestrated climax makes the book an example of ambitious thriller-crafting
New 'Harry Potter' short story ebooks by J K Rowling
The byte sized ebooks are approximately 1000 words long each, and offer insights into the settings and characters.
Valmiki gets new spin in a novelist's latest work
Mohan Narayanan began writing in 2005 after his wife’s death on spiritual themes. His latest Cuts has got him rave reviews
Black and white tales
Imran Coovadia weaves together a number of short stories to put together a fascinating novel
Kerala Chronicles
The socio-economic history of the state runs parallel to the narration in Aithihyamaala
Breakdown and begin again
The book describes the idea of a post-circumstance era, where people can rethink their futures
Pak's India paranoia is not real: Husain Haqqani
The former Pakistan ambassador to Sri Lanka and the US tells Aditi Ray that without Islam, Pakistanis are nothing but second class...
The lord of humour
When Khushwant Singh died at the age of 99 in 2014, he had over a hundred books to his name
A book about suicide with all its ugly truths
Bad relationships are the reason for suicide among youth, says Sriram Ayer of Nalanda Way His online novel, Story of a Suicide, ad...
Adolf Hitler's short-lived successor and his contribution
Hitler is so identified with the Nazi epoch that it is commonly thought that his Third Reich began and ended with him.
India's education system is the deadliest terrorist organisation!: Adhitya Iyer
...says Adhitya Iyer, author of The Great Indian Obsession, who left home for two years and travelled across the country to find o...
Don't just rely on campus placements: T Muralidharan
..says author T Muralidharan, as he launches his second book explaining careers available for the youth.
The Cursed Father: Harry Potter and his last outing?
Reaction has been mixed, with some grateful for the opportunity to revisit the wizarding world, some unhappy with its finality.
Pornography unveiled: Sex, confusion and misconceptions
No other word raises as much controversy as pornography and none is as difficult to delineate with even a US Supreme Court judge.

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