Interpreter of Incarnations
Sunil Khilnani’s new book will possibly leave the readers with the feeling of having India within their grasp.
Twenty-five Shades of the Dark
The stories that comprise the volume under review are of a sort that does not seem to be written much anymore.
Orwell's Animal Farm The Most Loved Book in UK
The dystopian novel by George Orwell, is the nation’s favourite when it came to literary works read in school.
In Fall Rises the Great Pathos
Ahern allows the plot to unfold briskly and given the genre, coupled with the relatively straightforward plot.
Book Testing
Mostafa Salameh’s vision that inspired him to climb Mount Everest without prior mountaineering experience or training.
A desperate Mission to Karachi, and Its Strange Objective
If you like intelligent, well-plotted but plausible thrillers, then 'The Karachi Deception' by Shatrujeet Nath is ideal.
Indira Gandhi Was Changing Bedcovers After 1971 War Began
A day after the India-Pakistan war, then PM Indira Gandhi was so cool that she was changing the bedcovers on a 'diwan.'
Bad Choice to Sell Book to TV: Anuja Chauhan
The writer, however, brushes away such notions saying that the man she created in the book was her image of an ideal captain.
I Resent What Hindutva is Doing to Hinduism: Nayantara Sahgal
Nayantara also claimed the situation in the country is worse than the Emergency era.
A Peek Into World's Most Horrid School!
The book, published by Puffin India, is an adventure in the world's most horrid school.
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More Than Just a Religion
Hindol Sengupta takes the readers on a journey to understand what it means to be a Hindu
The Need of a Balanced Diet, Literally Speaking
Youngsters should be allowed to wander about in the aisles, inhale the delicious aroma of books.
'Refugee' on the Pulitzer Path
Life has been quite a challenging journey for the Vietnam-born writer Viet Thanh Nguyen.
Strange Game on a Known Turf
Shashi Deshpande’s latest novel, Strangers to Ourselves, is like returning to the home of an old friend
Ruskin Bond's Tales in Illustrated Editions
Earthquake, and Cricket for the Crocodile, Dust on The Mountain are now out in new illustrated versions.
Book Tasting
Magic of the Modern Day Maze
As one starts reading Naiyer Masud’s Collected Stories, the labyrinth begins to feel like a wonderful place to be.
Of Bookworms and the Warmth of Books
Taking the route less explored, Nilanjana Roy’s latest creation is as delightful as its beautiful cover
Power Pak-ed with Military and Mullah
An ‘insider’s account’, Husain Haqqani’s book gives an insight into what Indians should expect when India deals with a military-dominated Pakistan By G Parthasarathy.
Durjoy Datta's 'Our Impossible Love'
Durjoy Datta has just released his 12th novel, ‘Our Impossible Love’. The best-selling author talks about his career.
Rare Shakespearean Folio Found on Scottish Isle
It was discovered when the Mount Stuart House Trust was researching on the thousands of books, paintings and historic materials there.
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