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An ethnic treat at Keys Hotel in Kochi

The revamped menu at Keys Hotel features all possible varieties of Kerala cuisine

16 Jan 2017

Street food stalls
Brexit opens more street food

Tottenham Court Road runs across the heart of London’s Oxford Street; this one-way one-kilometre stretch was the hub of electronic retailers for decades.

14 Jan 2017

Rahul (left) and Rohan Ahuja | Sunish P Surendran
Serving up Asia on a platter

Two brothers in Chennai serve dishes from Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar and China with their own special exotic flavours

14 Jan 2017

A lavish treat

Offering a lavish treat for foodies in the capital, a four-day-long burger fest began in Kovalam on Thursday.

13 Jan 2017

Sourabh (left) and Amit Sarkar|Albin Mathew
Saying cheese in Kochi

Two Bengali brothers make authentic north Indian paneer and popular Bengali sweets in the southern city

07 Jan 2017

Service charged

I am writing this article, my first for this year, at the risk of eating spiked meals for the remainder of my dining out life.

07 Jan 2017

Raghvendra Gowda (left) with Vamsi Mareddy | Pushkar V
Riding high on the Hawaiian spirit

A tiki bar in Bengaluru run by three friends serves exotic smoking Polynesian drinks.

24 Dec 2016

Bulgar wheat salad

1 cup ● Beans boiled: 1/2 cup ● Corn kernels: 1/2 cup ● Iceberg lettuce chopped: 2 cups ● Pineapple fresh chopped: 1/3 cup ● Bulgar wheat boiled:…

17 Dec 2016

Nihal ‘Kicha’ Raj|Albin Mathew
Space-age child chef prodigy

Six-year-old Nihal ‘Kicha’ gained global fame when he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres TV show in the US, wants to cook in space

17 Dec 2016

Time for chocolate pairings

It is that time of the year when the North Pole is farthest from the sun, but chocolate is closest to our hearts.

17 Dec 2016

Red wine not necessarily with red meat; same applies to white meat

Convnetional wisdom has it that while wine is to be paired with white meat and red wine with red wine. Correct? "Not so," asserts sommlier Prateek Arora.

16 Dec 2016

Thin crust pizzas at Pizzaexpress | IANS
'I took a bill in Pizza' ! Check-in at La Piazza for authentic Italian dining

Located near the lobby of Hyatt Regency, the place is easily accessible for the hungry souls.

14 Dec 2016

Things not to eat before going to bed

Keeping a check on your diet before going to bed needs extra attention.

13 Dec 2016

Almond Cake

Here is a recipe to delicious Almond cake. 

10 Dec 2016

Fabulous feat of miniscule clay

A Chennai artist creates miniature dishes that can’t be eaten because they’re made of mud.

10 Dec 2016

A windmill turned into a museum in Zaanse Schans
From a medieval fairy tale

Houses from around the region were transplanted here using giant cranes and trailers, located on the Zaan River in the town of Zaandijk, the museum is devoted to the traditional lifestyles.

10 Dec 2016

Veg vs non-veg diner war

Black Friday (November 25) never beheld so prominent like this year; probably we missed the usual signs on a festival spell, which attracts huge crowds.

10 Dec 2016

An affair not so cheesy

Mukund talks about his leap into immortality

10 Dec 2016

It’s elementary, grab the drinks

This is the place you head to with your friends. Sher­lock’s Pub, in Frazer Town, has introduced a new menu to celebrate its silver jubilee.

10 Dec 2016

You’ll dream of the warm fig halwa

The main course is good, with authentic ground spices, but the desserts are the best part of the meal

10 Dec 2016

Image used for representational purpose only. (Photo | Reuters)
In high spirits

Life is good when there are 8,000 bottles of a special cask-strength edition of Lagavulin wending its way to you from Scotland.

26 Nov 2016