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Winter poppy seed milk

2 tbsp ● Almonds crushed: 1 tbps ● Milk: 250 ml ● Sugar: As per taste ● Desi ghee: 1 tbsp ● Saffron: A few strands Method ● Heat oil in a…

11 Nov 2017

Judging by the cover

Today I am going to the write about the most comfortable restaurant in the history of restaurants.

11 Nov 2017

The Astral Loop-Glass Dessert
Pastry queen’s eureka moment

Goa-based chef and Pastry Queen of India  Eureka Aruajo gets set to showcase her culinary finesse in Italy in January.

11 Nov 2017

Did you know mushrooms may have anti aging potential?

A team of Penn State researchers found mushrooms are rich in antioxidants that scientists say could be used fight aging and boost general health.

10 Nov 2017

Image | Twitter/Nutella
Fans go nuts as makers secretly change Nutella’s recipe!

Nutella fans are angry as their favourite chocolate-and-hazelnut spread now has a new recipe.

09 Nov 2017

The Lalit Food Truck Company
Feasting gourmet delicacies on wheels

If you are a sluggish office worker, a hungry college-goer or a family looking for quality meals, then the second edition of Horn OK Please, food truck festival, is your place to go.

05 Nov 2017

Union Minister of Food Processing Harsimrat Kaur Badal along with Sadhvi Jiranjan Jyoti MoS for Food Processing and Swami Ramdev cooking 'Khichdi' in a giant wok at the World Food India 2017 festival in New Delhi.|PTI
India enters Guinness World Record by cooking 918 kg khichdi dish

A team of 50 chefs led by Sanjeev Kapoor cooked 918kg khichdi at the World Food India event in an attempt to enter the Guinness World Records.

04 Nov 2017

Did you know humans began eating grapes 22,000 years ago?

People may have been eating grapes before they domesticated the fruit as an agricultural crop.

04 Nov 2017

Vitamin E content in maize grain could lead to improving the nutritional profile of this crop.
Vitamin E find paves way for ‘more nutritious’ maize

Vitamin E content in maize grain could lead to improving the nutritional profile of this crop.

02 Nov 2017

San Francisco now has the most number of three Michelin-starred restaurants in any US city. Chicago has two three-starred restaurants. Washington has none.
Michelin 2018: San Franscisco chefs outshine New York's

New York has been usurped as America's premiere gastronomic destination, at least in terms of the Michelin Guide's celebrated three-star ranking.

31 Oct 2017

Representational picture only.
Halloween party? Here are some easy cocktails recipes

Having a big Halloween party? Don't forget to whip up some drinks inspired by the festival to brew up some spooky factor.

30 Oct 2017

An Internet-challenged scrap dealer’s wife has empowered herself and her family through her exotic recipes on YouTube
A secret superstar in Old Delhi

An Internet-challenged scrap dealer’s wife has empowered herself and her family through her exotic recipes on YouTube

29 Oct 2017

Kama masterchef Vishal Nigam in the restaurant kitchen
Plateful of royalty

Radisson Blu, Kaushambi, in Ghaziabad brings you the taste of Rajasthan at its Mewar Food Festival

28 Oct 2017

Your tongue has a sixth sense that is why your mouth waters when you see Pasta.
Did you know human tongue has a sixth sense, and it loves pasta?

If you cannot resist eating bread, pasta or potatoes then your taste buds need to be blamed.

27 Oct 2017

About 40 to 50 per cent of the total production of milk, fruits and vegetables go wasted in India.
Up to 50 percent of milk, fruits, veggies produced in India go waste

India being world’s largest producer of milk and second largest producer of fruits and vegetables, about 40 to 50 per cent of the total production ends up wasted.

25 Oct 2017

Here's what you should eat for good oral health

Apart from brushing twice a day and flossing, what we eat plays a big role in keeping our teeth healthy.

22 Oct 2017

Winter jaggery

500 gm ● Ghee: 2 tbsp ● Carom Seeds: 2 tsp ● Crushed Walnuts: 1/3 cup ● Crushed Almonds 3 tbsp ● Pinch of salt  METHOD ● Heat ghee in…

21 Oct 2017

An Ethiopian woman roasts a pan of green coffee beans in their traditional technique
Brewing Treasure

Stepping into a small unassuming villa on the backstreet of Al Fahidi district in Bur Dubai, I feel I am embracing the cultural ethos of several centuries.

21 Oct 2017

Image used for representational purpose
Going Dutch in the Saddle

With special traffic signals and tree-lined tracks, Copenhagen is a biker’s city, whether it be just sailing by Hans Christian Andersen’s last stop or ordering a Michelin meal at Relæ

21 Oct 2017

Litti platter offered at PotBelly; (left, inset) littis in the making

For the Love of Litti

The poor man’s dish gets an appetising makeover, thanks to food enthusiasts and restaurateurs who have redefined it for the urban elite

21 Oct 2017

A file photo showing a KFC restaurant in Mountain View, Calif. | AP
True to its secret recipe, KFC follows only 11 'Herbs and Spices' on Twitter

A user who goes by 'Edge' tweeted on Thursday that KFC is only following 11 users -- the five former members of English pop girl group, the Spice Girls, and six men named Herb.

21 Oct 2017