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Photo for representational purpose only. (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons).
Hyderabadi Biryani fails to obtain GI tag after non-timely submission of documents

According to the GI registry in Chennai. the applicant could not prove the historical origin and data relating to this delectable dish, with supporting documents, in time. 

09 Mar 2017

Chef Manal Al Alem believes that culinary habits can help improve relations between different nations and spread diversity across the globe,
Food increases bonds between nations, says the 'Queen of Arab Kitchen'

CDhef Manal Al Alem believes that culinary habits can help improve relations between different nations and spread diversity across the globe.

07 Mar 2017

Maddur vade railway stall
A hundred years on, iconic Maddur vade railway stall grinds to a halt

The family that introduced the popular Maddur vade from the platform of the Maddur railway station has shut its iconic establishment.

05 Mar 2017

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The invaluable curry leaf

For every cook, spices and herbs are magical tools for creating wonders with their cooking.

04 Mar 2017

When street food turns smoothly suave

Every region has its own signature dish. Tamil Nadu has dosas, Hyderabad and Lucknow are famous for their biryanis and Kolkata, besides its famed rosogolla and fish, also reminds one of its lip-smacki

04 Mar 2017

‘Start with a roll then go raw with Sushi’

Sticky rice soaked in vinegar and neatly draped in seaweed sheet, or sushi, is a dish that has evolved and spread to countries that have made versions of their own.

04 Mar 2017

Of guilty comforts, chilled beer

Women’s Day is around the corner, Suman Prasad asks chefs and heads in city’s F&B industry what they unwind with and hope to try.

04 Mar 2017

Reach for the wines, veal afterwards

Try north Italian dishes at Alto Vino’s food festival, on till March 9.

04 Mar 2017

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Your chicken Subway may be more Soy than you think, says Canadian Study

CBS found that the meat in the one of the world’s most popular fast food outlets -Subway- contains only 50 per cent chicken DNA.

02 Mar 2017

Pommello kaffir lime salad

The author owns the Moti Mahal chain of restaurants. monishgujral.com

25 Feb 2017

Waking up to smell the coffee

Their passion led them to open The Flying Squirrel, a coffee retail outlet, micro roastery and cafe in Bengaluru.

25 Feb 2017

Chefs' choice: back to the homely basics

Home style food, in-house greens and herbs, regional cuisines, ethnic spices, chef-driven tasting menus, simplicity in flavours and ‘back to basics’ emerge as top trends in F&B this year.

18 Feb 2017

The insipid capital fests

The weekend gone by was exemplary; we had not one, not two, but three (or wait, was it four?) food fests in the capital.

18 Feb 2017

Hawai Adda in Punjab. (Photo courtesy: Video grab)
Hawai Adda: Airbus plane converted into restaurant in Ludhiana

While the plane is originally a 180-seater Airbus A320, the seating capacity of the restaurant to make it airier has been reduced to 65. 

17 Feb 2017

Berry rasamalai
Berry berry nice

Make merry with the delicious goodness of berries in a dizzying spread of gourmet gospels

11 Feb 2017

Kalmi Vada

● One cup boiled chana lentil
● One cup boiled chickpeas 

04 Feb 2017

A mid-day meal in a school
Need for better school meals

Once the heat waves were swept away to the east by the refreshing breeze, the sun looked down kindly on our glowing vegetable

04 Feb 2017

Hemant Kishore in Toddy Shop’s  kitchen
Kerala kitchen in vegas

A Malayali chef serves up South Indian cuisine in Sin City

04 Feb 2017

Bakery with a difference

‘Like,’ if you think our Army jawans are sacrificing their lives for us.

04 Feb 2017

Sotally delicious mornings!

Sotally Tober’s Boombat Breakfast menu is healthy, delicious and will make your Instagram feed pop.

04 Feb 2017

Sorry vegetarians, it is all about chicken in here!

If you are someone who dreams of chicken wings all the time, Nando’s Indiranagar coould be your place to be. The restaurant serves African cuisine with a menu predominantly featuring chicken dishes.

04 Feb 2017