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Lemon grass vermicelli salad 

Ingredients  ● Boiled gluten free white  vermicelli: 100 gm ● Grated raw papaya:  1/2 cup ● Carrot julienne: 1/3 cup ● Shiitake…

12 Nov 2016

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A table for one

In India, to ask for a table for one is to invite unrequited aspersions on your social standing.

12 Nov 2016

Chef Vicky Ratnani
Steamy alchemy of desire

The good old chai is making its way into menus of those wanting to experiment with palates, from exotic Asian food to desserts

12 Nov 2016

Ravindra Jadeja’s sister Naina at Jaddu’s Food Field on Sunday | Express Photo Service
Dish & that: Plenty on offer at Ravindra Jadeja's Food Field restaurant

With the cricketer away most of the time, elder sister Naina runs the show.

06 Nov 2016

Sanjeeta Krishna Kumar(Photo | Jawahar)
Passion for the palate

Stylists and photographers of fine dining combine resources to make taste visual and sophisticated to battle the mass food invasion

05 Nov 2016

Ayurveda’s food for thought

Ayurveda recommends a balanced diet and natural flavours in food.

05 Nov 2016

Chef-partner Manu Chandra of Monkey Bar and his Tikki of Joy
Cuisine’s Kasundi connect

The Bengali mustard has found its way on quirky menus of Indian restaurants and in funky global cuisine

05 Nov 2016

Different sorts of chocolates are displayed during the first symposium on cacao and chocolate of Latin America | AFP
Benefits of couverture chocolate

 Couverture chocolate, which is cocoa butter from the purest and the richest cocoa beans from around the world, has various health benefits. Cocoa…

31 Oct 2016

Protein Dream 

1 cup ● Nutrella boiled: 2 cups ● Mushroom: 1/3 cup ● Bean sprouts: 1/3 cup ● Gram lentil boiled: 1/ 2 cup ● Onion chopped: 1 medium ● Tomato…

29 Oct 2016

Chef Aisha Mohamad  al-Tamimi from Qatar/Ratheesh sundaram
Spicy whiff of india from the persian gulf

Qatari chef Aisha Mohamad Al-Tamimi says her country’s cuisine is influenced by Indian food

29 Oct 2016

Adam’s Morning Bagel With Labneh, Buljol & Scotch Bonnet Pepper | Reuters
Trinidad’s “good lime” lifts Syrian-Lebanese home cooking

In Trinidad, like America, immigrants have made their home both by force and by choice, and Syrian-Lebanese immigrants made their home among descendants of Spanish,

26 Oct 2016

Image used for representational purposes. (File Photo | Reuters)
Taiwanese love butter chicken, naan, say Indian restaurateurs

Dishes such as butter chicken, naan and dal makhani are favoured by Taiwanese people at Indian restaurants in Taiwan.

24 Oct 2016

Brown rice & quinoa salad with cooked chickpea humus chickpea

Brown Rice & Quinoa Salad with Cooked Chickpea Humus Chickpea Ingredients ● Brown rice boiled: 1 cup ● Quinoa boiled: 1 cup ● Cilantro: 3 tbsp…

22 Oct 2016

Interiors of the Spicy Duck restaurant
Peking order: Ducks & dim sums

A Chinese restaurant adds itself to the crown of Taj Palace in Delhi with chefs from China

22 Oct 2016

Cheese can enhance taste of wine

Four different cheeses were sampled over different sessions with each wine.

20 Oct 2016

First-ever 24-hour free wine fountain in Italy

This is the first known fountain to distribute free wine all day, every day.

19 Oct 2016

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Why tomatoes lose flavour in fridge

Because their genes chill out

18 Oct 2016

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Top 10 food tweets contain just one healthy item: US study

Only chicken among the most food related tweets qualifies to be healthy, shows study

17 Oct 2016

Celebrating Onam with a traditional meal in London
Hunger in a festive season

Like everything has to transmute for some time, a gorgeous summer’s just slipping away slowly into a wet and grey autumn. Mid-summer heat still…

15 Oct 2016

Krishna Kumari (left) with daughter Dipika | JITHENDRA M
Culinary queen, big screen size

A book about former Telugu actress Krishna Kumari Khaitan’s culinary skills reveals the food connoisseur’s special recipes

15 Oct 2016

All is well that ends with a chocolate volcano

You can seat yourself in a swing or lounge on a cot, as you sip on a citrusy cocktail. Or you could order the espresso-based drink while you sit around…

15 Oct 2016