Nut consumption linked to inflammatory biomarkers
A new study has found a link between nut consumption and inflammatory biomarkers.
Your present desire for bread, sausages may be over 500-yrs-old
Our cravings for indulgent food such as bread and sausages is not modern, but may be historic and over 500-years-old.
4 Quick Tricks Banish Boring Summer Salads
Many people must have a bean salad in summer, and a wonderful Greek version is made with canned black-eyed peas.
Turn nostalgic with Ayna lunch box at Hilton Chennai
Have tasty home-cooked lunch out of the round-shaped stacked and coupled stainless steel container.
Heirloom onions? You bet your walla walla sweets
Walla Walla Sweets are the unheralded heirloom stars of summertime.
Joojeh Kababs
some good food to munch on.
Baking Ain't rocket science no more
A Bengaluru home baker uses exotic and healthy ingredients to whip up yummy cakes and cookies
Born in China, peaches easily swing sweet and savory
The Daoists considered them important symbols of immortality, and other works celebrate their association with youth.
'Melt-proof' ice-creams are here
Gastronaut Ice Cream, created by a food expert, comes in a bar and can  be enjoyed at room temperature.
Diamonds pigs sniff out
Among the priciest ingredients restaurants use is Beluga Caviar which costs Rs 4.7 lakh a kilo
Alcohol causes seven types of cancer: Study
A review says individuals consuming even low to moderate amounts are at risk.
Marinades send grilled chicken around the world
To keep your chicken dishes interesting, you'll need some serious flavor options up your sleeve.
Delhiites indulges in food tasting session of regional delicacies
Special tables were dedicated to different sections like Bakery, sweets, tea, health and snacks.
When lettuce bolts, you can still capture its flavor
Bolted lettuce is tough, but doesn't need to go to waste.
Mango mastani drink
what goes into making this exotic mango drink.
Three slices of a new pie
After successful first spells, three restaurants have hit the reset button in Delhi hoping to clinch a newfound spot
Mystery of the berry pickle, and a creamy 'chicken bomb'
This reasonably priced buffet offers a range of signature dishes. The pickle's so popular, the chef closely guards its recipe.
'Dum' it like awadhi royals
Biriyani is always good news for foodies. Here’s a whole fest for it.
Bengaluru to try hemmingway's favourite drink in wartime Cuba
Ahead of International Daiquiri Day, city mixologist leads workshop on cocktail making.
Food figurines in mud and clay
Miniature clay artist Shilpa Mitha who ventured into customised gift options talks to City Express about how it all began...
Cocktail tip: Infusing vodka with summer fruit
The infused vodka can be served cold as a shooter with a cherry as garnish or in a mixed cocktail of your choice.
Want to live happy, eat more fruits and vegetables
People who changed from almost no fruit and vegetables to eight portions of a day showed an increase in life satisfaction.
Give a break to high calorie desserts, try yogurt
Believed to be of Turkish origin, yogurt is an excellent source of vitamin D, protein and calcium.

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