Masala mix on an online platter
Bengaluru’s Zzungry serves 200 dishes from 12 states with the menu changing every week
How a Basque chef smokes out food's subtle natural flavors
When my friend Andoni Luis Aduriz invited me to dinner in Spain's Basque countryside, I knew the food would be wonderful.
Food bytes
The white elephant awards
Thank god I don’t live in that universe with their Sirloins and sir-jis; it is so much better here
Soul snacks from Michael's kitchen
Chef Michael’s new restaurant in Bhubaneswar serves up low high protein and calorie recipes
One-day-chief o' melo
The cultural performances might be touristy, opens doors to the tapestry of a culture-rich past about an Indonesian village
Save the Pan Bagnat! lovers of this overstuffed tuna sammie unite
Pan bagnat, a sandwich bursting with all manner of delicious Mediterranean goodies, is the quintessential street food of the city ...
Good food comes from mint, basil and despair
Vietnamese cuisine, shaped by a violent history and its geography, has varied tastes and textures
Go Goa
Sweet figs: 3 healthy recipes that need no sugar
Here’s the challenge. Create a daily spa menu with 1,000-1,200 calories.
Serving up a Parsi punch from Persia
Nonagenarian Aqa Boman Kohinoor’s Britannia & Co in Mumbai serves authentic Parsi flavours
Take Zucchini On A European Adventure With These 3 Recipes
Zucchini? Or courgettes? Same difference; it just depends where you live.
Chowder the right way: Any way you like it
Once, you couldn't make a chowder in New England without purists frowning over your shoulder.
5 easy broccoli salads to celebrate summer’s end
Broccoli is a vegetable that makes for a wonderful salad. Its bright green color and crisp-tender texture can be appealing if cook...
Do the karipatta twist
The humble curry leaf is undergoing a smacking makeover as a zingy inclusion in cocktails
Capturing mineral-rich sea salt’s perfection is pure pain
Timothy Charles, at the exquisite Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland, showed me the precious harvest in his palm.
Craving for thin-crust pizzas can be satisfied now
A tip: please sprinkle your food with the variety of olive oils on your table while you sip on a chilled glass of Ginger Mint Moji...
If you are in Seoul, these Soju Tents are a must visit
Soju tents once dotted the Korean landscape like craters on Mars.
The sweet French flair
UK-based pastry chef Shaheen Peerbhai, who will soon be in Delhi to teach creative layered French patisserie, talks about her spec...
5 cool desserts perfect for sweltering summer days
Topping my roster of simple desserts that can be effortlessly whipped together is syllabub.
3 Italian zucchini recipes for a bumper crop
If you’ve ever grown your own zucchini, then you know how prolific the plant’s fruit can grow -- so plentiful you can’t give them ...

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