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Why tomatoes lose flavour in fridge

Because their genes chill out

18 Oct 2016

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Top 10 food tweets contain just one healthy item: US study

Only chicken among the most food related tweets qualifies to be healthy, shows study

17 Oct 2016

Celebrating Onam with a traditional meal in London
Hunger in a festive season

Like everything has to transmute for some time, a gorgeous summer’s just slipping away slowly into a wet and grey autumn. Mid-summer heat still…

15 Oct 2016

Krishna Kumari (left) with daughter Dipika | JITHENDRA M
Culinary queen, big screen size

A book about former Telugu actress Krishna Kumari Khaitan’s culinary skills reveals the food connoisseur’s special recipes

15 Oct 2016

All is well that ends with a chocolate volcano

You can seat yourself in a swing or lounge on a cot, as you sip on a citrusy cocktail. Or you could order the espresso-based drink while you sit around…

15 Oct 2016

Box of nostalgia

With their exotic new range of aftermeal snacks, e-store Goosebumps Pickles hopes to go international.

14 Oct 2016

Menus that speak for themselves

Here's an app to help the blind and those with low vision to read restaurant menus and find eateries.

13 Oct 2016

'Eat a wide range of food and experiment with things'

Executive sous chef (The Leela Palace) Sujit Mukherjee’s suggestion to all those who aspiring to become chefs.

13 Oct 2016

'Eat Kochi Eat' organises food walk in Mattanchery

‘Eat Kochi Eat’, the Facebook foodie group, which has over 19,000 members, organised a Food walk, probably the first of its kind in Kerala.…

13 Oct 2016

Passenger jostle with each other to get on board a train at Visakhapatnam railway station on Sunday | Express
From KFC to Domino's: Food delivery apps spice up train journeys

Passengers on India's vast railway network have long complained of the terrible meals on offer to sustain them on long journeys, but a slew of new…

12 Oct 2016

The perfect lobster roll | Reuters
Read the anatomy to make perfect lobster roll in Maine style right here

Lobster rolls taste best when made in Maine style. Read the recipe here.

11 Oct 2016

Stifado, braised beef with feta cheese and onions | Reuters
Here are some Greek recipes for a special dinner at home

These soul-satisfying tastes are perfect once the weather becomes cool.

11 Oct 2016

Fresh from the oven!

The new book of Sandhya Balakrishna talks about bakeries in Hyderabad that have been there for more than 100 years offering sumptuous delights

11 Oct 2016

Founder of Moremilaga Vijayalakshmi Ganesh along with Ragini, the admin
They will remind you of your mother's cooking

A group of homemakers have come together to deliver authentic home-cooked food, finds Tushar Kaushik

10 Oct 2016

Avacado, roasted sweet potato and couscous salad

Avaoado is a wonder vegetable and it lowers hunger pangs as it satiates you fully, just like sweet potatoes. So when you are going out for dinner and…

08 Oct 2016

The veggie verve

Five leading chefs talk about vegetables they discovered recently and how they use them

08 Oct 2016

Acorn lace cookie | Reuters
Turn foraged acorns into delicate, nutty cookies

Flip through any children's coloring book, and the images depicting autumn will be guaranteed to contain falling leaves, acorns and pumpkins.

07 Oct 2016

Fossa cheese can be eaten simply with piadina and figs | Reuters
All you cheese lovers: Here's how to make Italy's ancient recipe of buried cheese

Cheese lovers may want to travel to Italy's Sogliano al Rubicone in November.

06 Oct 2016

From left: Ashish Kalya, Sandeep Rana and Subash Baliga | Pushkar V
Masala mix on an online platter

Bengaluru’s Zzungry serves 200 dishes from 12 states with the menu changing every week

01 Oct 2016

Save the Pan Bagnat! lovers of this overstuffed tuna sammie unite

Allow yourself a little time, as the pan bagnat needs to sit in the fridge for a few hours with a weight on top.

30 Sep 2016

How a Basque chef smokes out food's subtle natural flavors

When my friend Andoni Luis Aduriz invited me to dinner in Spain's Basque countryside,

30 Sep 2016