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The bar exchange! More you drink, less you pay

Going out for drinks and dinner with your friends can really burn a hole in your pocket.

22 Jul 2017

Ancient Allspice smells like a blend of spices in Asian food

In India, one of the first sensory experiences people have involves our many  flavourful spices. Seasonings are crucial to our cuisine and practice of medicine. Kebab chini is one such spice.

22 Jul 2017

Beyond the sweet nothings

The recently launched breakfast menu features Bircher Muesli, Eggs Benedict and Akuri with Pav

22 Jul 2017

Kiara Advani. (Photo | Facebook)
Kiara Advani loves fruits

“I grew up to dislike eggs when I caught my mom’s bluff, and I can make the healthiest, tastiest and most amazing salmon,” claims Kiara Advani, the heroine of Fugly and M S Dhoni-The Untold story.  

22 Jul 2017

A view of Poultry farm | IANS
Indian poultry farms breeding antibiotic-resistant pathogens

Chickens raised for both meat and eggs on Indian farms are raising serious health. 

20 Jul 2017

Image used for representational purpose only.
Busting four myths about olive oil

Olive oil is a gift of God, especially due to the numerous health benefits.

18 Jul 2017

Image used for representational purpose only. | PTI
Add value to your daily diet with Ayurveda

Ayurveda has a very holistic approach to diet and food as whatever we eat is extremely important for keeping the mind and body healthy.

16 Jul 2017

Dan Dan Noodle bowl
Rounding off with a bowl meal

Individualistic and inviting, the new do-it-yourself bowl menu at ShopHouse by Kylin keeps in line with one of the hottest food trends this year—bowl meals.

16 Jul 2017

Bitter Gourd Cruiser
The south Indian twist

ITC’s Avartana restaurant in Chennai prides itself on its degustation menus, minus a la carte

15 Jul 2017

Badam ki jali: The delicate almond cookies from Hyderabad

While Hyderabad is known for biryani and haleem, traditional sweets and desserts are also no less appreciated here.

15 Jul 2017

Image | AP
Global warming threatening European wine industry

Wine lovers may soon be left wanting for more as a recent study has found that rising temperatures are affecting wine production.

13 Jul 2017

Vegetable momos

Three day momo fest to kick off on July 21 

Cheers! momo lovers od Delhi, you have three days to hog on more than 100 variants of momos at DLF Mall of India, Noida. 

11 Jul 2017

Image for representation only
Chennai ranks fourth in cities buying most chocolate items

A study conducted by a Swiggy, a food delivery app, showed that Chennai ranked fourth in the list of cities buying chocolate items in India.

10 Jul 2017

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Gastronomes get a taste of organically rich Sikkim cuisine

Known as the organic state of the country, Sikkim has much to offer when it comes to food. 

08 Jul 2017

'Society has started accepting women as chefs': Masterchef Pankaj Bhadouria

Chef Pankaj Bhadouria was the winner of the first season of 'MasterChef India'.

26 Jun 2017

Chef Davide Cananzi's Brazilian Fajolata
Mango marvel

If its sheer fragrance makes your heart do cartwheels, cue into the ingenious inclusions of the king
of fruit this season.

24 Jun 2017

Workers make samosas at Samosappadi in Malappuram/T P Sooraj
From Samosappadi, a crunchy remedy to Gulf’s salt craving during Ramzan

A small village in Malappuram has become a source for samosas during Ramzan in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

18 Jun 2017

Restaurateur Reina Nagai’s creation.
The bold story of beautiful food

She calls herself the black sheep in the family. Rebellion was in chef and restaurateur Reina Nagai’s blood. She wanted to innovate.

18 Jun 2017

The green way of life

Thinking aloud on how to attract the youth to ground realities, it’s a conceivable thought to reach out to them through food.

17 Jun 2017

Shivangi and Nikhi Bhambani
Blazing a taste trail

A couple’s restaurant in the City of Joy offers authentic Indian fare from the 15th century 4,000-km long Grand Trunk Road from Kolkata to Kabul

17 Jun 2017

Kanji, the wunder cure

A friend rang me up lamenting that any time she ate outside home, she had this terrible after effect of a sluggish digestion that made her feel uneasy and unwell.

17 Jun 2017