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Ten minutes of vigorous exercise will boost kids' heart health

Encouraging your children to engage in as little as 10 minutes a day in high-intensity physical activity could help them reduce their risk of developing heart problems.

25 Mar 2017

The poster of Durex Jeans. (Twitter/ @DurexIndia)
Is it jeans, is it denim or is it Durex condoms? Check it out. 

Are these denims for new condoms, or condom for denims?

24 Mar 2017

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Smartphone may help men test infertility at home

Researchers have developed a smartphone-based semen analyser that can help men test infertility in the privacy and comfort of their home.

23 Mar 2017

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Men! Hit the gym for better bone health

Engaging in weight-bearing exercises such as resistance training and various types of jumps can help men protect their bone health.

23 Mar 2017

Women's sense of smell may influence social life

Findings showed that the decline in sense of smell in elderly women may affect their social life and lead to fewer social connections.

23 Mar 2017

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Insulin resistance linked to faster cognitive decline: Research

For study, the team followed a group of nearly 500 patients with existing cardiovascular disease for more than two decades and assessed their insulin resistance with the homeostasis model assessment.

22 Mar 2017

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Gene linked to human cleft lip and palate identified

Researchers have found that flaw in a gene linked to birth defects in mouse models may cause cleft lip and palate in humans too.

22 Mar 2017

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Mixing energy drinks with alcohol may prove dangerous: Study

Do you love to mix your alcohol with highly caffeinated energy drinks? Beware! You may be at higher risk of injury, compared to drinking alcohol only, according to a study.

22 Mar 2017

A file photo of doctors treating an Ebola victim. (File photo | AP)
Hepatitis drug shows promise to help cut Ebola death rate

Interferon beta-1a treatment was provided to Ebola-stricken patients and was inferred that viral blood clearance was faster in those patients treated with the drug with decline in clinical symptoms.

22 Mar 2017

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Novel blood test may help detect cancer early

The study identified a series of proteins in blood plasma that, when elevated, signify that the patient has cancer.

21 Mar 2017

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Obese teenagers more at risk of liver disease

Male teenagers who are obese could run a higher risk of developing severe liver disease or liver cancer in the later stages of their life.

21 Mar 2017

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Scientific breakthrough to aid malaria vacccine research

Australian scientists have discovered a "key molecule", which can kill microbes that infect the human liver.

20 Mar 2017

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Your high blood pressure might just be a case of misdiagnosis

Nearly 20 per cent of people receiving treatment for hypertension do not actually have a problem.

20 Mar 2017

Don’t trap the colours in your locks

Beauty expert  Shahnaz Husain gives useful tips on how to remove the harmful chemicals and colours from the skin and hair after playing Holi

18 Mar 2017

Picrorhiza kurroa
Avoid unhealthy habits

I find samosas tempting but potatoes do not agree with me nor does the maida.

18 Mar 2017

Blame the genes if you're unhappy

Scientists in Australia have found that parents who are stressed can pass on depression to their children and grandchildren.

18 Mar 2017

Broccoli and white onion salad | Reuters
Eating broccoli may lower prostate cancer risk

An increased consumption of cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, that are high in sulforaphane may lower the risk of developing prostate cancer.

18 Mar 2017

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Philips India to launch awareness initiatives on sleep disorders

Philips Healthcare India on Friday announced plans to extend sleep camps and launch a Centre of Excellence for training doctors on diagnosing sleep disorders in major cities in the country.

18 Mar 2017

Indians among world's poorest sleepers, says Fitbit study

The study by the tech firm found that Asians get less sleep on average than their American and European counterparts.

16 Mar 2017

New nano-implant may help restore sight

The technology could help tens of millions of people worldwide suffering from neurodegenerative diseases.

15 Mar 2017

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Kids spending six hours or more on screens at risk of diabetes

Children aged 9-10 years, who consistently spend hours watching TV, using computers and smartphones, are at high risk of developing diabetes.

14 Mar 2017