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Why India cannot follow new WHO guidelines to protect pregnant mothers

Is India ready to implement the new guidelines proposed by WHO to protect its mothers? It is not, an analysis of government data and research studies shows.

23 Feb 2017

Cannabis or weed can cause psychosis

I  am not sure if I am an alcoholic. I drink everyday but I can abstain for four weeks. After 4 weeks I desperately need one. Does that mean I am an addict?

23 Feb 2017

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1,850 drugs sold in India not of Standard Quality: Health Ministry

According to the Health Ministry, many of the drugs are of foreign companies that have their manufacturing units in India.

22 Feb 2017

Medical illustration : Pills of all kinds, shapes and colours, March 2003 | REUTERS
Do you pop heartburn drugs? Be warned, it may lead to silent kidney damage

Use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), sold under the brand names Prevacid, Prilosec, Nexium and Protonix, among others in the United States, may cause damage to kidneys, undetected in early stages.

22 Feb 2017

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Don’t cringe, it is actually safe to reuse cardiac electronic devices

A recently published study showed there were no malfunctions or device-related deaths six months after the implantation of a used cardiac device

22 Feb 2017

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Chronic knee pain can be treated online

Skype sessions with a physical therapist to learn home exercises and pain-coping skills showed improved physical functioning.

21 Feb 2017

Mortality rates two-10 times higher in young criminals: Study

16 years after detention, 111 of those died.

19 Feb 2017

a mini dosa
Shrinking the plate for a healthy lifestyle

A wellness retreat in the Western Ghats works on the philosophy of eating in small portions.

18 Feb 2017

Quick bite into sickness

Children who love fast food and have a sweet tooth are prone to liver diseases.

18 Feb 2017

Terminalia chebula
Ayurveda: A pharmacopoeia for all

Drugs are often changed if it’s not suitable for the patient’s agnibala.

18 Feb 2017

Previous research had identified 48 gene variants associated with waist-to-hip ratio, resulting in a genetic risk score.
Apple-shaped body could raise risk of diabetes

The study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggests a person's genetic makeup may cause health problems down the road.

14 Feb 2017

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US pharma sector demands to keep India in patent violator list

Among the key issues of concern for the US pharma sector in India are unpredictable IP environment, high tariffs and taxes on medicines.

14 Feb 2017

Cabin windows can’t stop UV rays
Heights of tanning

Air travel might be the new norm, but it can cause skin damage and tanning. Our expert tells us how to prevent it at 30,000 feet above sea level

11 Feb 2017

Breathing relief into the body through acupuncture

Superficial needling during exhalation in a sitting position induces a person’s parasympathetic activation response

11 Feb 2017

Jyotsna (Photo |Sunish P Surendran)
Take pole position to shape up

Nordic Walking, a workout regimen similar to cross-country skiing, is seeing more footfall in Chennai under trainer Jyotsna

11 Feb 2017

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Music, drugs stimulate same part of brain: Study

However, scientists only recently developed the tools and methods to do such research in humans.

09 Feb 2017

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Regular naps may help toddlers learn language better

The learning benefit of napping could come from what is known as slow-wave sleep.

09 Feb 2017

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Severely obese people less likely to spend last days in hospice care

A normal BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. Overweight is between 25 and 29.9. A BMI over 30 is considered obese. 

09 Feb 2017

Find out reason behind miscarriage among women undergoing IVF

The patients were then categorised into three groups based on the timing of their embryo transfer during daylight savings time.

09 Feb 2017

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Eat barley, brown rice to shed those extra pounds 

The research provided food to participants for eight weeks and may help explain how whole grain consumption is beneficial for weight management.

09 Feb 2017

A file photo of doctors treating an Ebola victim (AP)
Horse antibodies could effectively treat Ebola infection

The treatment suppressed viral loads significantly and protected the animals from mortality.

07 Feb 2017