Time to Protect Animals
The surs and asurs can be found across religions, communities, geographies and ages, and the battle between them has ensued since time immemorial.
What Challenges Teach Us
Only when we are tested that we would know the level of understanding we are at. Difficult situations help us check spiritual accomplishment
Celebration the Key to Happy and Blissful Life
The essence of this culture has been to turn every aspect of life into a celebration.
On Road to Liberation
In our daily existence, we do not perceive the karmic thread that links all our incarnations together.
Time to Choose Right Action
Brahmaji talks to the Brahmanas in the Anu Gita at the end of the Mahabharata.
Stories of Life the Wise People Live
Vidura, the wise one, is a sane presence in the court of Dhritarashtra in the Mahabharata.
Four-day events on Ramanujar revisits his teachings
A host of religious events were held at Narada Gana Sabha to mark the 1,000th birth anniversary of Ramanujar.
Nasruddin Tales
The Story that Liberates
After Dhundhukari died, his soul remained, with none to help with food and water to satiate the hunger and thirst.
In Search of True Love
It is freedom and liberation from ego and insecurities. It is also required to overcome doubts. So, true love is not a question, it is the answer.
Dhundhuli's Evil Plans and Its Consequences
When Dhundhuli’s sister, who was pregnant, gave birth to a child, she handed it over to Dhundhuli in exchange for money.
The Path of Dharma
The continuation of life should be by following dharma and the virtuous principles.
Idea of Mine and Boat of Life
The Mahabharata has a description of all the five elements and their natural qualities—smell is the quality of earth.
Zen Stories
Wise Men and Words of Wisdom
The man of wisdom continues to live in this world without getting entangled by the things and thoughts of the world.
Intellect, Heart Should Develop Simultaneously
Without self-knowledge, we may progress externally, but our inner growth will be stunted.
Choose Your Sadhna Path
The purpose of creation is experience, each one of us has taken birth because of desire for a specific experience.

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