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Mind is the best friend & the worst enemy

In ancient times once there was a war between demigods (devas) and demons (asuras). The asuras had taken shelter of a very powerful wizard known as Maya-danava.

06 Aug 2017

The substratum of all existence

The foremost quality a sadhaka or a seeker needs to have is viveka. In fact, all the other qualities such as vairagya or dispassion, the six-fold wealth of peace of mind—control of the senses, withdra

05 Aug 2017

Handling change at the top

Questioner: Sometimes we find that when a new head or CEO comes into a company, he makes many changes that are at odds with the company’s past culture.

05 Aug 2017

Unplug from the senses to answer your inner call

To meditate, the most important thing one needs to do is to withdraw. In the modern language of computers and mobile phones, it means to unplug.

03 Aug 2017

Understand the nature of bondage

To wish to know the truth of who I really am, is indeed a great proposition.

29 Jul 2017

How to attain wealth with mind power

Wealth is not restricted only to money and possessions. It manifests as plentitude in many forms in our life and in nature.

29 Jul 2017

Pick music to meditate and see the magic

Music is the language of the soul and the very purpose of many a fine art, including classical music, is to take the mind to the zenith of meditation with just a swara or a note.

29 Jul 2017

Life and love are one

Life and love are not two.

29 Jul 2017

The emphasis is on exercise and healthy eating to have ideal physical health.
Try these rejuvenating therapies for physical, spiritual healing

Human health is largely a mix of spiritual, mental and emotional bodies along with the physical being.

28 Jul 2017

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Are you living a balanced life?

Want to grow professionally, personally and socially in life?

26 Jul 2017

Four significant indicators of a Text

Any publication of our traditional books contains four significant indicators to it.

22 Jul 2017

Satvic vibrations attract the enlightened

The vibrations we emit each day decide our quality of life.

22 Jul 2017

Choose your switchwords as a tool to change

James T Mangan came up with over 100 words in English called Switchwords - which are meant to achieve things and that happens when the mind is constantly applying itself to a word.

22 Jul 2017

In energy lies oneness

Being energetic means different things to different people.

22 Jul 2017

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For this Buddhist monk, happiness is a sense of satisfaction within

Buddhism is not a religion but a way to find happiness.

19 Jul 2017

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Vedas: The ultimate knowledge

The Vedas are books of knowledge.

15 Jul 2017

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Never confuse satisfaction with complacency

Satisfaction comes from knowing that today we tried our very best, from being adaptable to change and from truly appreciating the life.

15 Jul 2017

Focus on the Inner Universe

The solution to all the problems in the world today is, in a word, compassion.

15 Jul 2017

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Spiritual practices reduce our quantity of thoughts

When our attention falls on a thought, that thought gets energised and activated.

15 Jul 2017

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Be generous to lead a happier life!

People concerned about the well being of others are happier than those who focus only on their own advancement.

12 Jul 2017

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Two types of goals we strive for

Life keeps flowing as existence.

08 Jul 2017