Choose your happiness over suffering
Happiness is our nature. It’s right here, right now, but we need to remind ourselves to notice it in our lives, rather than go chasing after it
Imagination shapes reality
There is no person to seek for freedom and no freedom of mind too from the supreme point of view.
Sex and today's youth
Whether it is spirituality or intellectual pursuit or economic or social well-being
Mental detachment leads you to success
This is a state that comes from inner strength and peace. It coexists with self-control, self-discipline and a focused mind
End perversions through love
Prayer is love. Through prayer, the pure vibrations of love get transmitted to the rest of the world.
Good diet begets good karma
look around, you will find that disease has increased in the last 20 years, with newer forms of cancers manifesting
Power of conscious energy
It cannot be quantified or measured. It is also beginingless and knows no end to it.
Delusory fears of king Dasharatha
Even as all earth shook in the presence of the Rishi Vishwamitra
Never allow pride to be your guide
Pride comes naturally to us and patience needs to be developed. It helps you to check desires, calm down and be happy for what you have.
Priestly gender tilt
Another aspect is what type of shrine it is. There are certain shrines where we would definitely not want women to be there.
Experience the silence within
When in the inner halls of silence, what is still possible by me to contemplate upon?

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