Significance of self-confidence
When you possess such quality, you do not allow what people think and say about you, and you do not take things too personally
Patience brings peace
We cannot savour the beauty of life without patience. It is the foremost quality that we need to make our lives joyful.
The positive power of purity
Mahabharat carry subtle messages on the right actions to do.
Mind: a double-edged sword
When the thoughts are peaceful, cheerful and happy—it becomes a pure mind.
Veracity of vedic sciences
Toxicity is not just in the food we eat; it is also a function of negative emotions and wrong lifestyle.
Your gender or form is decided by past longings
Gender, even species, need not necessarily be the same. All this could be determined by your tendencies.
Ultimate texts of knowledge
There are three invisible and imaginary knots in our minds.
The importance of Guru Dakshina
When the teacher returned from his pilgrimage, he was happy to hear the narration of this incident.
Breathe out the illusion
When imagination strikes us, it should strike positively. It should benefit our society.
Five Elements of a Good Life
It is me who has created the conglomeration of five elements —earth, water, fire, air and space.
Time to Protect Animals
The surs and asurs can be found across religions, communities, geographies and ages, and the battle between them has ensued since time immemorial.
What Challenges Teach Us
Only when we are tested that we would know the level of understanding we are at. Difficult situations help us check spiritual accomplishment
Celebration the Key to Happy and Blissful Life
The essence of this culture has been to turn every aspect of life into a celebration.

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