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Experience the oneness of existence

nowledge is one. The sources of knowledge can be many. The types of knowledge can be many. But knowing is one. I may know Punjabi, I may know Japanese,…

15 Oct 2016

Stay emotionally detached for inner peace

It is the attitude of letting go. It means leaving behind the negative thoughts and anything that might disturb your mind and emotions

15 Oct 2016

Left hand versus right hand

The left is the feminine in you—it needs to be protected and nurtured. The right is the masculine in you.

15 Oct 2016

Secret of priceless mind

Almost nine of ten people operate only through their mind. The remaining one is an enlightened being who has mastered his mind.

15 Oct 2016

Qualities of a true emancipated being

The sage describes a jeevan mukta in many verses.

15 Oct 2016

Use honesty to search for the truth

Ever noticed the words ‘Honesty is the best policy’ on a plate at the cash counters of various restaurants? Given how things have changed…

13 Oct 2016

Strive to be your own master healer

Most of us are used to taking medicines to combat diseases in our body. Similarly, many of us resort to finding solace in spirituality to combat the problems…

12 Oct 2016

The true nature of energy

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it only changes form. This is not only a fundamental law in physics but the basis of this creation. Everything…

08 Oct 2016

Spreading the light of vedas

he Vedas teach us to learn and master knowledge, apply it and live in the world. The Amrita Bindu Upanishad goes a step further and says that after learning,…

08 Oct 2016

Pray to get relief from disease of hatred

We are not responsible for the karma of our thoughts but we are responsible for the karma of our words and actions

08 Oct 2016

Negativity weakens the mind

Often, we are not aware of the rise of thoughts. Weeds flourish where paddy grows. They should be rooted out at once.

08 Oct 2016

Disparity between the seer and the seen

Actually if we think a little deeper, even this disparity is a non-existing thing or rather its existence itself is only a thought in our head.

08 Oct 2016

A unitary process of building relationships

There is a different way of working, not in order to gain some reward, but for the very simple reason that there can obviously be no end to misery in…

07 Oct 2016

Forming relationships with people and ideas is a unitary process

Now, there is a different way of working, which is to inquire into ourselves and to know exactly what is going on within the field of the mind, not in…

05 Oct 2016

Go beyond the path of self-realisation

hen the mind becomes pure with the practice of many yoga sadhanas, what is left is only the auspicious thoughts. Thoughts about going to the temple, meditation,…

02 Oct 2016

Discover your own path

e are all descendants of our gotra rishis. In the ancient times, rishis gathered in a group satsangh. The rishis were dynamic and yet of soft temperament.…

02 Oct 2016

Om makes the mind fit to grasp truth

nowledge is simple when the number of things we need to know is reduced. The Amrita Bindu Upanishad says that we need to know only two things—one…

02 Oct 2016

No time like the present to be happy

Build on all the good things and, if there are things that you would like to change
in your life, start small and start today

01 Oct 2016

Empower people, spiritually

nation is not its land and buildings—it is its people. If we, as a nation, have to rise and become empowered, the first thing we need to do is to…

01 Oct 2016

Meditate to meet the real you

he Upanishads show the way to absolute peace of mind. The only clause is, “If only you wish to have peace!” The Amrita Bindu Upanishad says if you…

24 Sep 2016

Cultivate auspicious tendencies in mind

age Vashishtha describes to Sri Rama about the path of auspicious and inauspicious mental tendencies and gives him the means to cultivate auspicious tendencies…

24 Sep 2016