The purest form of love is selflessness
Natural bonding between man and woman is the basis of society as we know it and it has survived on count of critical adhesive, called love
Towards women's liberation
This whole idea of what is superior and what is inferior is a very masculine one.
Realisation of the ultimate truth
Even if it is clearly revealed that the thoughts of the world are all an illusion.
The grace of divinity
Divinity never proclaims that only when a puja is performed, we are eligible for God’s grace.
The secret to peace of mind
This sound itself has three parts to it—A (creation), U (maintenance) and M (dissolution).
Importance of being humble
Every individual is indebted to the society he or she lives in, to fellow beings, and to nature.
Go beyond with the guru
The problem of Kalyug is that our desires are embedded in the physical, so even when one sets on a search for guru
Illusion of internal joy
The immediate world around us that comes for our direct experience is space.
Ultimate steps to achieve liberation
Only when the search for freedom begins, the seeker actually comes to realise that mind is bound by countless experiences.
Contemplate to break negative cycles
Using your aspiring mind, you may see a situation from a new angle, or find a lesson in the challenges of the day
The essence of intelligence
The problem is that it is the essence of the intellect to divide.
Will shows the right way
Today, our power of will is not sharp mainly because we have innumerable personal goals and agendas.
Supreme secret of meditation
To discover this truth, which is our own self, the royal direct path is meditation.
Liberation: achieving true freedom
The divine messenger described the nature of heaven and the king sent him back to Indra
Never buy yoga off the shelf
Actually, it is the sum total of yam, niyam, asan, pranayam, pratyahaar, dhaarna, dhyan and samadhi.

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