Pokemon Go daily used twice as much as Facebook: Report
During its first week, Pokemon GO users spent 75 minutes per day playing, versus only 35 minutes on the Facebook app.
Bengaluru students develop gloves for speech impaired
A team of engineering students has developed a glove that converts sign language into voice, for the speech impaired.
Syrian campaigners use Pokémon Go to seek help for war affected children
The game has become enormously popular within a few days of its launch.
How 'Pokemon Go' went from prank to phenomenon
Google unwittingly planted the seed for "Pokemon Go" two years ago in one of the many April Fools' Day jokes.
Gadget boy:High definition tech
From Aerial drones shooting 4k video to high definition cloud PC, here is the selection of the latest gadgets this week.
Pokemon Go finally debuts in Japan
Except for China where the release is not scheduled due to issues with authorities, Japan was the last remaining major market to launch the application.
WikiLeaks threatens Twitter to start own micro-blogging service
WikiLeaks, however, compared banning people on Twitter to Turkey's recent mass arrests and (apparently) Stalin's Great Purge in 1937.
Ransomware threat on rise globally: Symantec
Growth of the Internet of Things has multiplied the range of devices that could potentially be infected with ransomware.
Stream up to four hours of video with Facebook Live
The video-only mode allows both broadcasters and viewers who want to focus on the videos to temporarily hide Reactions and comments by swiping right.
Facebook Messenger hits one billion users a month
They make plans, share dreams, send payments, tell jokes, play games, let their loved ones know they are thinking of them and more.
ASUS P3B projector: Pocket-sized powerhouse for a perfect home thrill
To get a decent audio output without draining out the battery, one can route the audio through a computer or laptop.
Pokemon Go rekindles hope for augmented reality products
The game uses the GPS capabilities of your device in conjunction with Google Maps to "place" creatures in real world locations.
What's next for augmented reality after 'Pokemon Go'?
Pokemon Go has introduced a landscape with monsters frolicking. What games could be good choices to make the leap?
How Twitter helped solve Milky Way mystery
The Milky Way Galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy -- a disk-shaped collection of dust, gas and billions of stars, 100,000 light-years in diameter.
Scientists develop device to help pregnant women self-monitor baby
The device, Pregnabit, is aimed at prevention and early detection of possible threats for pregnancy.
Instagram preferred over Facebook to chat with celebrities: Survey
People are 1.3 times more likely to interact with celebrities on photo and video sharing website Instagram.
LeEco emerges as top selling brand during Flipkart exchange offer
The exchange offer from the Chinese global internet and ecosystem conglomerate has managed to create ripples.
New 'smart' plastic may lead to flexible, wearable electronics
The smart plastic demonstrates excellent performance in terms of data storage and processing capabilities
He quit his job to play Pokemon GO and now has a better job offer
Almost every other day there's a news of something crazy or wacky related to Pokemon Go, which reflects just how ridiculously popular the game has become.
'World's fastest' Smartphone Zopo Speed 8 launched in Delhi
Zoppo Speed 8 runs on Android Marshmallow and is backed by 3600 mAh Li-polymer battery.
Soon, smartphones may help men test sperm health at home
An inexpensive lens could turn a smartphone into a microscope and help men analyse semen samples
ASUS unveils liquid cooled laptop 'Republic of Gamers' in India
The premium flagship laptop comes with a detachable ROG-exclusive Hydro Overclocking System cooling module.
Lenovo launches ideapad 110 laptop for first-time buyers
Ideapad 110 will be available at a starting price of Rs 20,490.
Facebook team brings light-based internet closer to reality
High-speed wired communication networks today use lasers to carry information through optical fibres.
Moo-ving out: Sensor sends text alerts from cows in labor
Moocall measures tail movement patterns triggered by labor contractions & alerts dairy managers by cellphone and email.

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