ASUS ZenFone 3 (5.5-inch) Review: Luxury redefined with super performance
ASUS believes there is still room in the country for luxury with superior performance and design.
South Korea asks Samsung to extend Galaxy Note 7 refund
Nam said the agency made the request because "the plan to remove hazards in the markets is insufficient."
Hello, Google Allo records your chats by default! Goodbye privacy
Edward Snowden asked users to stay away from allo questioning Google why end-to-end encryption wasnt enabled by default
New policy does not infringe on users' privacy: WhatsApp to HC
WhatsApp, the instant messaging platform, said its new privacy policy does not infringe on the privacy of users.
India fourth in ransomware attack; Hyderabad police to trace cases
Ransomware encrypts files in a user's computer and blocks access until the user pays a certain sum of money.
Google enters messaging segment with Allo
Internet search giant Google on Wednesday announced the launch of Google Allo a new smart messaging app that helps users make plan...
Next-Gen security can help Indian firms minimise cyber attacks
Indian firms are at an increased cyber security risk owing to aged and vulnerable security solutions at work.
Digital assistant Siri comes to Mac with all-new capabilities
Siri on Mac can help send messages and email, find documents, look up information, search a user's photo library etc.
Facebook teams up with ABC News to live stream presidential debates
In July this year, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's team took to Facebook to counter her Republican rival Donald ...
HCL set to move from data centres to Cloud
The company will shut down four of its six data centres in India in next three-four years.
Now say more in your tweet than 140 characters
Now you can add photos, videos, GIFs and polls and these will not count against the 140-character limit.
Samsung launches two new J-series smartphones
While the Galaxy J5 Prime is priced at Rs 14,790, the Galaxy J7 Prime would cost Rs 18,790.
After US, Samsung phones reportedly catch fire in China
Samsung said it is investigating both reported cases in China, the world's largest smartphone market.
First wave-produced electricity in US goes online in Hawaii
Hawaii would seem a natural site for such technology. As any surfer can tell you, it is blessed with powerful waves.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey backs 'Pardon Snowden' campaign
The Pardon Snowden campaign, launched by three human rights groups, replied with a thanking note.
Samsung introduces galaxy a9 pro
The Galaxy A9 Pro, the latest of the Galaxy A series, has been introduced for the Indian market priced at rs 32,490.
Fans cheer, but Asia gives iPhone 7 subdued welcome
Apple Inc fans from Sydney to Shanghai, the first customers worldwide to snap the new iPhone 7 off the shelves.
US regulators: Official recall of 1million Samsung Note 7 phones
One family in St. Petersburg said a Galaxy Note 7 left charging in their Jeep had caught fire, destroying the vehicle.
New touchscreen technology for gen-next smartphones, TVs
The study, led by Professor Alan Dalton, investigated some of the intricacies of patterning silver nanowire films to produce detai...
Galaxy Note 7 recall shows challenges of stronger batteries
The battery problem of Galaxy Note 7 highlights the challenge electronics makers face in packing more battery power into thinner p...
Apple says initial quantities of iPhone 7 Plus sold out
Initial quantities of the iPhone 7 Plus have sold out globally as Apple Inc prepares to roll out its new gadget in stores.
Samsung's quick fix for Galaxy Note 7 is no full recharge
South Korean media earlier reported the software update plan, citing Samsung.
Now send messages using Siri on WhatsApp for iOS
To use the Siri-enabled voice controls, you need to have iOS 10 and latest version of WhatsApp installed on your device.
Samsung to limit recharging of faulty Note 7 batteries
Samsung announced a software update that will limit battery recharges to 60 per cent of capacity in a half-page advert
Six key things to know about Apple's new iOS 10 software
Once you get it, here are some things to know about using it.

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