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The spectacular Umiam Lake
All along the northeast tower

Although Shillong seems like another noisy town, it needs a scratch under the surface to see its innate beauty.

24 Dec 2016

The city beneath a city

With its bazaars, Turkish baths, tunnels and architecture, the World Heritage Site of Akko offers a glimpse into Israel’s medieval kingdom.

17 Dec 2016

A file photo | Express Photo Service
Bali most popular year-end destination in Asia

The Indonesian government is now developing 10 new tour destinations across the nation, dubbed as New Bali, which is expected to compare with Bali in terms of attracting tourists.

17 Dec 2016

Drops of heaven in a garden

Nan Lian Garden’s elegance and serenity is a contrast to its celebrated skyline, fashion streets and swanky malls

10 Dec 2016

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Ways to travel hassel-free during demonetisation

Here is a few tips to offer on how to travel hassle-free.

27 Nov 2016

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Assam hill station to host festival on sports, culture

Cycling, hiking, angling, local sight-seeing, heritage walk and night trekking makes Assam's picturesque hill station Haflong worth the trip.

27 Nov 2016

Darma Valley
Wrapped in silent solitude

Burbling rivers, faint rustling of leaves, the humming of a water mill and whistling wind in Uttarakhand’s Darma Valley sing a song of nature.

26 Nov 2016

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Fresh survey of Indian orchids is the need of the hour

Scientists surveying the plants in Laos say extensive mapping and proper inventorying of the species in India is the need of the hour to save them.

21 Nov 2016

Rocks and roll in a stony land

Hampi in Karnataka is not only about temple ruins but also about the splendid rocks in its backyard.

19 Nov 2016

Around the world in 730 days: Travelbug Cassandra De Pecol to set world travel record

27-year-old Cassandra De Pecol on her way to make history is bound to make you envious.

17 Nov 2016

A karaoke bar
Sing a song of suspense 

It’s rare that an Indonesian can’t sing, and though karaoke bars here have a social stigma attached to them, they serve a great social function in the island nation

12 Nov 2016

A view of the lagoon and bungalows at Bora Bora. (File: AP)
Bucket list trip to Bora Bora: It's not just for celebrities 

About 9,000 people live in Bora Bora, which is an island set in a lagoon.

12 Nov 2016

Disneyland, Hong Kong. (Photo | IANS)
Hong Kong: Where dreams come true

Termed the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong turned out to be the place where some of my dreams were realised.

11 Nov 2016

A gazebo in the Gardens
A breathtaking burst of colour

 Singapore’s Royal Botanical Gardens are carnival-esque amid thousands of vibrant flowers

05 Nov 2016

A colourful house in Christiania
Hippie land of the free

Christiania’s commune may be one of the longest-lasting in modern history that speaks of Denmark’s tolerance for the quirky and artistic

29 Oct 2016

The fasting and the furious

This cutting down has scientific reasoning too: allowing the body to go through a curative self-regenerative cycle.

29 Oct 2016

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Sky lanterns in Taiwan's Shifen village carry tourists' wishes to the Gods

The fusion of two activities -- signalling against bandits and sending up wishes and prayers during the Chinese New Year -- has resulted in tourists flying lanterns to the Gods in Shifen village.

27 Oct 2016

Taiwan promotes tourism targeting Indians 

With its lush green mountains, sea, high speed trains, cable cars, amusement parks and more, Taiwan is targeting Indian families, movie industry and businesses.

25 Oct 2016

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Tracking gorillas in Rwanda's volcanic mountains 

Tracking the critically-endangered mountain gorilla -- the world's largest ape -- in the lushly-forested steep bamboo slopes of the Virunga Mountains.

25 Oct 2016

The Ruby slippers on display at the Smithsonian museum. (Photo | AP)
Smithsonian museum targets 'Wizard of Oz' relics

Now that the Smithsonian has reached its crowd-funding goal to preserve the ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz," the museum is asking for more money to conserve another relic from the movie.

25 Oct 2016

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Experience some adventure this Diwali break

Pack your bags and get set go during this Diwali break.

24 Oct 2016