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Indian women travellers  more adventurous than men

Indian women are more adventurous than their counterparts in trying out new things or sampling local food and drinks.

21 Sep 2017

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Around the World in 22 days

Aman Destinations promises an extraordinary luxury adventure across nine countries.

16 Sep 2017

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Explore the stunning secrets of Arabia in Oman

Located just two-and-a-half hours away from India is Oman, a quaint, unexplored and beautiful destination in the Middle East.

14 Sep 2017

A replica of Dutch ship De Liefde (left);  a lane with a canopy of umbrellas
A dash of Dutch in Japan

Huis Ten Bosch, a huge theme park in Sasaebo near Nagasaki, runs on solar power, recycles its
water and mixes old with the modern

09 Sep 2017

The India House in Wassennar, Hague, Netherlands | Photo: Facebook/Embassay of India)
India House,103-year-old Heritage monument to be open to public on September 9

Constructed in 1914, it has been designated a State Monument and is included in the Dutch register of Monuments and Cultural Heritage since 2002. 

06 Sep 2017

Sir Nizmat Jung, Chief Justice of Hyderabad State,  built the Hill Fort Palace in 1915
A walter scott castle, sliver of Nizami times

Tucked behind high walls and barely acknowledged by a bustling city looms the Hill Fort Palace of Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad.

02 Sep 2017

Fresh sip of the Raj

A plantation property in Assam offers a taste of Colonial charm with Burma teak beds and lace drapes

02 Sep 2017

The Citadel Hill in Amman, Jordan.
These places will want to make you visit Jordan right now

The Kingdom of Jordan has some of the world’s best preserved archeological sites and monuments while maintaining vast historical significance to the world

31 Aug 2017

Blissful mud bath in the fields.
A song from the rice fields

Surpassing any other local food combination, rice and curry has emerged as a peculiar meal in countries like England.

26 Aug 2017

Indian soldiers patrol the Siachen Glacier
The conquest of Siachen

The Indian Army braves freezing weather at over 22,000 feet in the frigid Siachen Glacer. Civilians get a chance to know those altitudes every September.

26 Aug 2017

Planning solo trips: Don’t let monsoon spoil on your solo trip! Essential tips 

Before you pack your bags and get set for a vacation with yourself, read these tips to tackle monsoon woes like a pro!

23 Aug 2017

Hues of majesticity

The world’s largest sandstone monolith, Uluru Rock in central Australia, is sacred to the Anangu, the aboriginal people of the area

19 Aug 2017

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Popularity of long weekends growing among Indians: Experts

There has been a surge in bookings for long weekends and short haul overseas destinations are the most in demand, according to industry players.

15 Aug 2017

Five reasons why you should visit Bhutan this August 

Besides a breathtaking view of Himalayas, Bhutan has a lot to offer to its tourists. 

13 Aug 2017

Indian destinations that can give an international vacation experience 

Travelers, who are looking for affordable holidays can take a look at Cleartrip.com’s list of the most fine-looking places to visit within our very own country.

13 Aug 2017

Hoysaleswara Temple  in Halebidu
On the ancient temple trail

On the busy Bengaluru-Mangaluru highway, villages and towns whiz past without leaving an impression.

12 Aug 2017

Heart to heart service

Kochi’s Malabar House has won Lonely Planet’s Heritage Hotel of The Year Award among many more

12 Aug 2017

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When on road with group, follow these seven important rules

Every friend group is different, with its own nuances, but if you stick to the following seven rules - you'll likely survive your trip without flouncing from your group WhatsApp in a huff.

12 Aug 2017

Photo courtesy Twitter @uber
Wandertrails, Uber partner to offer experiential stays and immersive activities to riders

The collaboration will provide convenient and affordable half-day and full day tours around destinations like Mumbai, Pune, Lonavala, Nasik, Kamshet, etc.

12 Aug 2017

Water scooters,  Pulau Seribu Jakarta Indonesia
Check out these most tagged world cities on Instagram

On the first year anniversary of the launch of Instagram stories, the photo-sharing app has revealed the names of the cities that are the top location tags. 

08 Aug 2017

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This is how birds get their colour

Two types of pigments are responsible for the plumage coloration in birds called melanins and carotenoids that help them even with predators.

07 Aug 2017