Lock, shock and hell

With ties at its lowest point, Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails are being tortured and not getting a chance to face trial.

Heart that beats for art

A Brazilian cardiologist, who learnt the craft of canvas after being influenced by Indian paintings, showcases her works at Kochi.

Rock and mineral samples in the museum

A museum’s mountain muse in Ladakh

Within the confines of a Ladakhi folk house on the slope of the Murtsey colony outside Leh lie the formidable outdoors.

Tracing back the forgotten roots

The book chronicles a port town in Kerala told through the protagonist, who rediscovers his hometown on an excavation trip.

The port city  of Muziris

Let innocence in you illuminate

To understand properly what one has heard, one must have the innocence. If one is innocent, one will see the goodness everywhere. 

Portraits of superwomen

The idea of heroism in women is not easily defined. In men, the notion is often associated with physical strength and bravery.

Rolling out essence of joy

A firm’s initiative has opened avenues for rural women to supplement the family’s income by training them to produce agarbattis.

A tile of two cities

After 90 years of operating out of Mumbai, Bharat Tiles brings to Delhi its magical world of kaleidoscopic patterns and palette.