Automobiles 2017 revving to roll

The year has started off on a whirring note with a plethora of car and bike launches creating ripples in the market.

albin mathew/ Franco Simon

A symphony of redemption

Every morning when Poulose Kuyiladan would take his five-year-old autistic son George to school, he faced a problem.

Dr Jagannathan Srinivasaraghavan

Across the seven seas

A US-based Indian psychiatrist, a globetrotter at heart, has travelled to 772 countries, including both the Poles, in 36 years.

Spinning dreams of warp and weft

A 59-year-old weaver from Odisha innovates with designs to keep the art of Sambalpuri sarees alive.

Bhikari Meher/Shamim Qureshi

Dark side of desire

A common food additive found in chocolates and candies may affect "the functioning of the intestine.

Chocolate | AFP

Compliance challenge in Chinese medicine

It is a regular component of a Chinese medicine treatment plan to include lifestyle changes.​

Herbs the magical, healthy potion

Shahnaz Husain says Ayurvedic products from natural extracts are gaining importance for its medicinal qualities and zero side-effects.

Melbourne's mysterious musings

The Australian city’s charm lies in its easy-going European feel; alfresco cafés, cosy neighbourhoods, cobblestoned lanes and large green spaces.