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Union Budget: High pass as education is out of syllabus

A normal day’s routine to office doesn’t invite any attention and that is why an average Indian wife is never excited when her husband goes to work every day.

11 Feb 2017

It is time to walk the talk: Declare Pakistan a terrorist state

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Member of the Rajya Sabha, has introduced a bill entitled “Declaration of States as Sponsor of Terrorism Bill, 2016”.

11 Feb 2017

Not up to the mark: Coaching classes are coercive in character

The recent judgment of the Supreme Court on coaching institutions could indeed help reduce avoidable tension, pressure and anxiety suffered by practically every school-going child, particularly those

11 Feb 2017

Knight watchman.... he’s got the moves!

Imagine a metal cube that has a 3x3 grid drawn on each face.

11 Feb 2017

Why must leaders like Trump and Modi be reviled?

A Trump mania is currently sweeping across the globe.

11 Feb 2017

Legislature needs to set laws and practices right before it is late

United States President Donald J Trump has announced: “We will follow two simple rules: buy American and hire American”

04 Feb 2017

Media trials of glamorous absconders and death of news

Poor Dr Manmohan Singh is repeatedly resurrected by the Congress party to rescue it from the mess it finds itself in.

04 Feb 2017

UAE and India revive old and faltering friendship

The Republic Day parade this year was marked by the presence of Crown Prince of the UAE Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

04 Feb 2017

RBI needs to limit open access of private borrowers to public sector banks

These are perhaps early days to declare heavily indebted Vijay Mallya innocent or guilty for alleged financial malpractices.

04 Feb 2017

On second thoughts... think till it hurts

No no no no no, not so fast. You think by pretending that among the three problems given one didn’t exist, isn’t going to cut any global warming from the Arctic.

04 Feb 2017

Citizens have the right to know you too, my Lord 

Independence has become an omnibus defence against any criticism of the judiciary. 

28 Jan 2017

‘Crowd’ versus ‘mob’; village  bazaar versus communal riot

A crowd is the antithesis of a mob. Which of the two is more appropriate for India?

28 Jan 2017

What prevents quality enhancement in education

It is no longer a cliché that education is the only hope for the human existence in a strife-torn world that is facing ever-increasing violence, distrust, bigotry and fundamentalism.

28 Jan 2017

The dangers of assault on the cohesion in India's armed forces

A video uploaded on Facebook by a BSF jawan, complaining about the quality of food, went viral recently like wildfire.

28 Jan 2017

On the other hand... let’s juggle it right!

A bunch of pretty peeved people (you know who you are so I’m not naming alphanumerics) have been writing in from time to time that even though they give the correct answer and give it early enough,

28 Jan 2017

General Sharif revives sectarian divisions in Pakistan to satisfy ego

During my years in Pakistan, I met a number of its four-star generals, including Generals Musa, Zia-ul-Haq, K M Arif, Mirza Aslam Beg, Jehangir Karamat and Pervez Musharraf.

21 Jan 2017

First task that awaits Donald Trump is to restructure national intelligence director’s office

With the accession of Donald John Trump to US Presidency, there could now be paradigm shift in the focus of American intelligence that would engage world attention.

21 Jan 2017

Spoilt children of politics rattled by PM Modi’s devotion for nation

In a political culture that is obsessed with dynastism and which has, over the years, developed a deeply entrenched habit of ensuring that political power and position benefit members of the leaders’

21 Jan 2017

Sharper than cards ... and Houdini-like to boot!

Any idea why on Diwali I’m treated like a prurient pariah? Especially when the big dads of the their respective dens spread that old bed sheet on the carpet, arm themselves with pillows, small eats an

21 Jan 2017

There’s always a strong sense of deja vu in run-up to the polls

The month ahead is not likely to bring us much relief from the screaming headlines and ‘breaking news’ interruptions dominated by election-related trivia.

19 Jan 2017

The akhara, which for centuries remained a no-go zone for girls, is now changing
Women wrestlers mat finish

Haryana, known for its feudal traits and a low sex ratio, is now giving its women the muscle to storm the male bastion. 

14 Jan 2017