Sultans  of Skill

A host of social entrepreneurs is empowering have-nots across the country with jobs and making them employable by Sunita Raghu and Sujitha J.

Elizabeth Koshy | albin mathew

Shooting for the stars

Elizabeth Koshy, the first Malayali to win a medal in a national-level rifle sports championship, aims at her next target: The April Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Award-winning scenarist Syam Pushkaran (Photo | nandhu gopalakrishnan)

Syam Pushkaran: The poster boy of realism

Mollywood’s Syam Pushkaran scripts his stories after visiting locations

Read India Read

In small pockets of the country, efforts are being made to build a community of readers, book by book, finds Jayanthi Somasundaram

Shekhar yadav

As desi as it gets

Exclusive excerpts from Pukka Indian, which defines India through 100 things simple and complex.

The pain is not all in the head

Fibromyalgia, characterised by tenderness and pain in muscles and deep tissues which lasts for months, is often misdiagnosed

How to cure heel troubles

If you have pain in the heels on waking up and putting your feet down, you have a case of aggravated vata, which has caused inflammation of the plantar fascia.

Homoeopathy can treat B12 deficiency

It is a body-friendly medicine and can help in proper vitamin absorption