The Age of the machines ( Artificial Intelligence  )

Governments and corporations are investing heavily on AI research to transform lives, the economy, medicine and the marketplace.  But will super computers control man one day?


shekhar yadav/Madhvi Subrahmanian (in specs), Sheetal Gattani (in orange), and Neha Lavingia

Intimacy of Art in a Changing World

Artists Madhvi Subrahmanian, Neha Lavingia and Sheetal Gattani talk to Medha Dutta about incubation, growth, artistic quest, and sobering emotions

Green and Brown Bring the Perfect Glow

It is high time you discover beauty products based on ingredients like matcha tea and clay

Perfectly honest

Sanjay Manjrekar goes back in time and rises above his celebrity status to humanise the game.

Debut dream comes true

Every once in a while comes a film that grips you, makes you sit up and wraps itself around you.

Sunish P Surendran

A mother’s curse and the search for a remedy

The itihasas are big texts of history and hence the very meaning of the word is ‘thus it happened’.

Gable-roofed Raghunath Temple in Pujaili village in the upper Yamuna valley

Wooden abodes of gods in yamuna valley

In the harsh climes of the upper regions of Uttarakhand, offerings are made to the Almighty carved painstakingly in logs

There is freedom in knowledge of self

In Vedanta, the emphasis is always given to knowledge of the self—the content of ‘I’ is nothing but a thought.

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