Dangerous doses 

Between 2000 and 2010, there were 76 percent increase in the consumption of antibiotics, especially in BRICS countries.

Simran KS Lamba (Photo | Shekhar Yadav)

‘Art is my Nicotine’

Simran KS Lamba is reinventing the idea of mixed media using coal tar and crayons among other things for his huge canvases.

Commitment matters

Incredible things are done in the world simply out of commitment. A great example is that of Mahatma Gandhi.

A true disciple always puts his guru first

Janamejaya instructed his brothers, who were cursed by the dog Sarama for shooing away her little pup from the yagna for no fault of hers, that he had found a priest who could help them.

Jnani does not suffer results of actions

Pursuing the purpose of fulfilling life’s goal of self-realisation and succeeding in it has a beneficial effect on the individual by making him free of the compulsion to perform actions.

Making their mark on wool

Indian designers seem to be making a habit of winning over Woolmark Prize juries with their blend of modernity and tradition, not to mention a touch of quirkiness

Bag it like kalki

The bold and spunky actor collaborates with Hidesign on a chic new bag collection

Hello ele! take the gentle giant home

For those who have been seeing the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues travel through their cities over the last couple of months, now you can buy one for your home as well.