The Age of the machines ( Artificial Intelligence  )

Governments and corporations are investing heavily on AI research to transform lives, the economy, medicine and the marketplace.  But will super computers control man one day?


shekhar yadav/Madhvi Subrahmanian (in specs), Sheetal Gattani (in orange), and Neha Lavingia

Intimacy of Art in a Changing World

Artists Madhvi Subrahmanian, Neha Lavingia and Sheetal Gattani talk to Medha Dutta about incubation, growth, artistic quest, and sobering emotions

The peruvian navel of the earth

Once the capital of the great Incan empire, the colourful city of Cusco, built in the shape of a puma, is also home to exquisite crafts

We are not an Island

To cut ourselves off and live in a shell would mean that we are missing out on so much that this precious life has to offer

Nature is interconnected

At times, people have told me about experiencing a sense of imbalance similar to vertigo. The situation with nature has also become like this.

When Rama was summoned to slay rakshasas

The time when the sage Vishwamitra—the most powerful ascetic known for his anger—came was exactly the time when king Dasharatha was thinking in terms of finding suitable brides for Rama and Lakshmana.