The Age of the machines ( Artificial Intelligence  )

Governments and corporations are investing heavily on AI research to transform lives, the economy, medicine and the marketplace.  But will super computers control man one day?


shekhar yadav/Madhvi Subrahmanian (in specs), Sheetal Gattani (in orange), and Neha Lavingia

Intimacy of Art in a Changing World

Artists Madhvi Subrahmanian, Neha Lavingia and Sheetal Gattani talk to Medha Dutta about incubation, growth, artistic quest, and sobering emotions

Alankar Chandra (in black mask) with travellers in Norway

Crazy call of the wild

IIM graduate Alankar Chandra turns his passion for travelling into a successful business

God’s Own Worshipper

Kerala’s first woman priest steps into temple not with a focus on breaking the barriers of gender and age

Jyotsna Padmanabhan

Unwinding the Mind

A Chennai-based Zentangle teacher uses the art form as a possible therapy to spread happiness and inculcate confidence

Sunish P Surendran/Sandhya Manne

The jimmy choos to wear in 2018

If you’re wondering which ‘it’ shoes everyone is going to wear this year, we’ve got the answer.

Sun’s grace forms the structure of life

When we become aware of his contribution in making our life full of spirit, we establish a conscious connect with him

A filmi roller-coaster ride

Slated for February 23 release, multi-starrer comedy Welcome to New York revolves around two artistes struggling to make a place in Bollywood