The world’s most dangerous guy

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un rattles his nuclear sabre against the US and Japan, creating instability in the region, pitting superpowers against one another.

Sheets of wood kept at a plywood workshop at Perumbavoor. (Below) A worker at a furniture shop at Nellikuzhy in Perumbavoor

The Power-packed man

An engineer brings about a big change with his small initiative of an eco-friendly home and selling solar energy to the government.

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Stories on the supreme being great sources of energy

The story of the Srimad Bhagavatam too begins with the Rishis along with Shaunaka asking Suta, the great story teller, “O Suta, you have studied and are well-versed in the Puranas.

Real love isn’t physical, emotional attachments

Children, life and love are not two.

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Penance for a small negative action takes many births

The higher you are on the ladder of evolution, the graver becomes the impact of your thoughts and actions.

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A motley collection on the Motherland

Historian and Trinamool MP Sugata Bose puts together scholarly papers, his Lok Sabha speeches, newspaper articles, book reviews, and a lecture in his take on nationhood.

Sugata Bose

‘Post-truth is taking over our textbooks’

My vision is of a tender and benign symbol of our nation inspiring a spirit of service and creativity among our people.

Riot of rhyme and colours

A painter and Bharatanatyam dancer gives mythological art a new twist after switching over from a salaried corporate job.

The Hindu spring festival, also known as 'festival of colours' will be marked on 12th and 13th March this year. Youth celebrating Holi in Vijayawada. (P Ravindra Babu | EPS)