Santwana Bhattacharya

Vikrams and Vetals in Modiland

The BJP is on shaky ground in Gujarat. Can the faction-ridden Congress, in alliance with three young boys, win in the upcoming Assembly polls?

11 minutes ago

Pinochet’s dead. Long live Pinochet

He’s been dead for 11 years, but Augusto Pinochet still casts a long shadow over the presidential race in conservative Chile.

11 minutes ago

Elizabeth Koshy

Olive branches lost after Holy Land trip

After any pilgrimage, one normally comes home suitably chastened, humbled and ready to take on new resolutions, even if they are short-lived, as man is the frailest of all creations.

11 minutes ago

P Subramanian

How I survived a pickpocket attack

Take care of your wallet. It is festival season. The shopping areas are teeming with pickpockets,” my wife warned when I stepped out of my house on an errand.

23 hours ago

Freeing up our roads

The Delhi government came up with the idea of the ‘odd-even’ scheme to reduce the number of cars on its roads to tackle pollution. How has space-starved Singapore fared in its battle against the car?

23 hours ago

Sreeram Chaulia

It’s payback time for the empire

The sight of UK conceding a prestigious seat at the ICJ to India, a country it once ruled, shows how much the balance of power has shifted

23 hours ago

Rajeev Tamhankar

Choose speed over perfection, always!

We always dream about starting something, but are never able to do it. Why? Because we keep waiting for the perfect moment.

23 hours ago

Sharanya Manivannan

What if you meet the ghosts of your past?

This sordid tale with an assuredly happy ending comes courtesy of a workplace advice website called Ask The Manager.

23 hours ago

Archanaa Seker

The defenders of culture and its deviant women

After Magalir Mattum I was afraid that the onus of women’s empowerment would be on heroines making a comeback.

22 Nov 2017

Menaka Raman

Miss a phantom limb?

Not having a smart phone did not prevent distractions but it felt...different

22 Nov 2017

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