SP–cong pact: mistake or master stroke?

If one adds up the votes the new allies received in 2012, the coalition will romp home. But politics is not mere arithmetic

45 minutes ago

Menaka  Raman

Menaka Raman

Stack up the trash, your child can be a scientist!

Did you know ice cream sticks and plastic bottle caps can be help you when the school diary decides to throw a surprise one morning...

45 minutes ago

Bullfights and animal rights

Violent clashes broke out between animal rights activists and police in Bogota on Sunday as bullfighting returned to Colombia’s capital after four years. Shouting slogans like “Assassins, assassins!”

45 minutes ago

saumya chawla

Date nights and other stressful activities

Squeal when the guy you met at an art show last week texts and asks if you’re free for dinner.

45 minutes ago


Are bulls equipped with six senses?

Whenever a newsworthy item hogs the headlines, Thambiah would call on me. Predictably, he turned up the other day like a shot, eyes lit up, possibly to chew the cud leisurely.

45 minutes ago

Archanaa Seker

Let’s not make revolutionaries of the revolt-ers

I was personally ambivalent of the protests against the ban of jallikattu in the state, but I knew that I would still defend unto death, the right of the people to protest.

45 minutes ago

Avay Shukla


Lessons for the uniform civil code

Leap-frogging is a good game for children but dangerous when applied to cultural or social reform.

24 Jan 2017


If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Recently my 9-year-old daughter asked me what thumbappoo was. She told me that she hadn’t seen the flower and wanted to see it.

24 Jan 2017

Was darwin wrong?

The peacock’s plumage seems not only pointless, it’s also an impediment. Then, how did it evolve?

24 Jan 2017

C S Sundaresan

C S Sundaresan

Democracy on the decline

In the 21st century, democracy faced setbacks as autocratic and kleptocratic elements ruined institutions and systems

23 Jan 2017