Ravi Shankar


Ravi Shankar
The new beast of unity is the symbol of fury

The contradiction is that the organisation is selective in its compassion towards animals. Especially towards those under its care.

22 Jan 2017

Culture over mercy is sporting spirit’s victory

When Virat Kohli hits the ball into the stands, India stands up and cheers.

15 Jan 2017

To counter the dragon, Read Confucius

China’s support to Masood Azhar is unabashed endorsement of terror when Indian security agencies are doing surgical strikes against militant modules.

08 Jan 2017

The joke’s on you if you can’t laugh at yourself

Humour’s mission is to make you laugh. Lighten the load. Act as a release during stress. Challenge dictatorships.

01 Jan 2017

Will Babus’ nightmare  herald political pain?

Politicians use target practice to stay relevant the way actors use makeup to play different roles.

25 Dec 2016

It’s time Rahul Gandhi called his own bluff

Bluff is the backbone of populist politics. Calling the bluff is its spine. Rahul Gandhi claims he has got the goods on Narendra Modi.

18 Dec 2016

Dynast in paradise wants slice of heaven

If patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel, regionalism is the first resort of the chauvinist.

11 Dec 2016

Building a legacy with public money

Power brings about fundamental changes in the personality of leaders.

27 Nov 2016

Why are Bidis outside the tax regime?

Let’s wield GST against one of India’s biggest generators of black money

21 Oct 2016