S Gurumurthy

S Gurumurthy

Mr Attorney, You Got Facts, Law Right on Marans?

It has been the long-held view of the Telecom Ministry itself that illegal telephone exchanges are a grave threat to national security?

14 Jul 2015

Centre sat on CBI report against Dayanidhi Maran

The report says the DMK minister got 323 BSNL lines fraudulently connected from his home to the SUN TV office in 2007.

03 Jul 2015

Narendra Modi's 365 Days – from Minus 5 to Plus 7

As Narendra Modi took over as Prime Minister three biggest challenges confronted him from day one. One, demonisation of him by the media and others abroad.

30 May 2015

The 'real' Pakistan

06 Dec 2014

How to Handle UPA's Financial Landmines?

By transferring Centrally-sponsored schemes worth Rs. 1.9 lakh crore to states in 2014-15, Chidambaram has made Jaitley’s job difficult. This could have been used for new Central government schemes

07 Jul 2014

Will General Budget Fuel the Real Growth Engine?

The intuitive habit of drawing macroeconomic conclusions (about India) from the corporate feedback (and vice versa) is fraught with risk.

30 Jun 2014

Will Budget Look Beyond Corporate Sector?

Modi government has perhaps aroused the highest expectations of people – the kind of aspiration not easy for any government to satisfy.

30 Jun 2014

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