S Gurumurthy

S Gurumurthy

Modi conquers world to govern India

Modi pole-vaulted over all hate campaigns and U-turned the US within months after he became Prime Minister

12 Jun 2016

Pre-Independence Congress reincarnates as expanding BJP

Congressmen are hoping Priyanka will somehow be cajoled into entering politics by the time elections in Uttar Pradesh draw close... the last weapon in the arsenal for Congressmen who cannot see beyond 10 Janpath.

21 May 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Karti Chidambaram Holds Global Empire Through Benamis

Express investigations prove Karti holds global empire through benamis; will Chidambaram stop lying at least from now?

26 Apr 2016

FRBM Law is Irrational. Amend it

The way economists have made simple theories into complex mathematical equations has made monetary economics seem difficult to comprehend.

26 Feb 2016

Fiscal Deficit:Story of the Magic '3' Per cent

The figure made its debut in fiscal economic discourse with the advent of the Eurozone but this rule is observed more in breach by the EU member-states themselves.

26 Feb 2016

Indian Economy for Dummies - I

Truths hidden in facts about India that are obvious to the naked eye are missed in Indian economic discourse and budget-making.

20 Feb 2016

Indian Economy for Dummies - II

Looking back from the vantage point of 25 years of liberalisation, it’s self-evident that foreign investment has played only a secondary role in the India growth story. The Indian economy grew primarily through domestic savings, defying consumerist trends encouraged by new economic policies. It’s this cultural differential that is missed in our discourse.

20 Feb 2016

National Herald Scam Part-2: UPA Government as Co-conspirator of Gandhis

Here is the explosive part two of the conspiracy by the Gandhis and their associates which has so far remained hidden.

17 Dec 2015

Narendra Modi and the National Discourse-I

With Arjun Sampath\'s beef comment creating stir, columnist S Gurumurthy talks on how things have moved in the last few weeks to make non-entities the new and dark faces of India.

24 Oct 2015

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