Shampa Dhar-Kamath

Unfaithfully Yours

Shampa Dhar-Kamath
Nudging it right

Talk about nudging, and you automatically think of a friend elbowing you in the side to draw your attention to that much-despised colleague’s antics across the room.

09 Dec 2018

Art of Being a Braggart

Much of someone’s character is supposed to lie in what they don’t say about themselves.

25 Nov 2018

Festival of Lights, and Bites

Diwali is over, as is Bhaiyya Dooj (or Bhai Phota, depending on where you’re from).

11 Nov 2018

Good Fight on Bad Cholesterol

There’s a battle raging for our hearts.

04 Nov 2018

Monument of remembrance

The more creative souls among us strive for posterity by writing books, making music, producing films, generating works of art.

09 Sep 2018

Apocalypse to Apocalypso

An unfamiliar sound woke me up at 3 this morning.  I sat up in bed unsure of what it was, and then I heard it again.

02 Sep 2018

Creating treasure (and trust) out of trash

Crediting its success to its clients’ faith in it, the jeweller has launched many ads previously with trust woven into the storyline.

22 Jul 2018

Recycling gets a festive twist

It was a quiet Diwali in Delhi, courtesy the Supreme Court order banning the sale of firecrackers in the National Capital Region.

22 Oct 2017

The measure of a real man

Behind all great men is a woman, they say.

06 Aug 2017

Turn the invisible into the visible

Urban India’s political majority serves its economic minority. The two may seem to live together peaceably, but the relationship is anything but peaceful, or equal.

16 Jul 2017

If matter is in form, does form matter?

For the umpteenth time this year, The Guardian has published an exultant article on how books are back, trumping e-readers and cocking a snook at the latter’s technodazzled supporters.

21 May 2017

Needed: poll to find out what India wants

If any further proof was needed of India’s diversity, it came on Saturday.

12 Mar 2017

Off with the guillotine of guilt

Guilt has “quick ears” to accusation even when it’s not articulated, even if it emanates from deep within oneself.

19 Feb 2017

Just dyeing to look young

Torn is the right word. Because India’s beauty narrative has changed, leaving a lot of its women undecided about which route they want to take.

01 Oct 2016