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Unfaithfully Yours

Shampa Dhar-Kamath

The good, the bad and the dirty harry

It’s the sixth anniversary of our Delhi weekend paper, The Sunday Standard. It’s also six years since I began writing this column.

16 Apr 2017

Make black a colour in the Camlin box

Idiocy is anything but racist. It affects people of all colours and races equally, and sometimes with such ridiculous outcomes that one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. 

09 Apr 2017

Bigotry, unlike beauty, is not skin deep

Black is certainly not beautiful in India. Chatting in a Mumbai café, a Sudanese student sitting at the next table told my friend that the first ‘Indian’ word he learnt was a pejorative ‘Kallu’.

02 Apr 2017

When a flight of fancy crashlands

Addiction is bad, be it to drugs, alcohol, tobacco or sex. But what if your crutch is something you don’t even consider an addiction? Like entitlement?

26 Mar 2017

Curious case of the $10-million comma

What’s in a comma? About $10 million, it seems.

18 Mar 2017

Girls can’t wanna have fun

We didn’t really need science to enlighten us.

26 Feb 2017

When in doubt, edit out

The best thing my parents did for me was something they actually did for themselves: buy and read books non-stop, and leave them all around the house.

12 Feb 2017

Are we the tools of our tools?

Technology was supposed to help man, but it’s taken on a Mr Hyde role of hindrance instead

05 Feb 2017

Rich beyond the dreams of avarice

A friend said something very interesting the other day. She said she wouldn’t know how to spend a billion dollars even if the money was handed to her.

29 Jan 2017

Stereotypes, of a fiscal kind

Stereotyping people, though ill-advised, is entertaining.

15 Jan 2017

Fair of face, unfair of heart

With a sky that’s greyer than Mulayam’s mood and pollutants dancing in the air, the doctors’ chambers in Delhi are overflowing.

08 Jan 2017

Thank you for the birds that sing

Happy New Year, people. For some, today is just the morning after the night before; for others, it’s a curtain raiser for Hope.

31 Dec 2016

Fighting flames at daybreak

There was a fire in our building last morning. I woke up to frantic shouting by the neighbours, asking for cars to be moved and everyone to get out of the way.

25 Dec 2016

Unfair treatment of the fairer sex

Irrespective of their height, women find themselves bumping their heads quite often—on the glass ceiling. The transparent, but super-strong barrier, pops up mostly at work, preventing women from movin

18 Dec 2016

Blood on the dance floor

The perfect marriage, they say, is between a blind wife and a deaf husband.

11 Dec 2016

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