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T J S George
Those who do not think of other people’s opinions live in bubbles. Was Obama talking of India ?

If sloganeering characterised President Donald Trump’s inaugural address, sagacity marked Barack Obama’s farewell address a week earlier.

22 Jan 2017

India, pre-occupied at home, is losing ground abroad; China, alert and pro-active, is gaining all around

Pre-occupied as we are with unprecedented internal schisms, setbacks in our external relations have not caught public attention.

15 Jan 2017

Politicians, not only in UP, think they are forever; refusing to retire, they cripple us for their ego

Uttar Pradesh is only a vicious example of a curse that plagues India—politicians’ refusal to retire. Politicians want power, fair enough.

08 Jan 2017

Today is new year’s day, says the West. Others agree. How the power of marketing controls the world

Happy New Year! On second thoughts, why? In half the world January 1 is not the day on which a new year starts.

01 Jan 2017

The cash mess. Changing goalposts, new exemptions raise doubts about the government’s intentions

In the wake of the demonetisation tsunami, our Prime Minister asked for a 50-day grace period. That period ends this week,

25 Dec 2016

Dangers of using religion as a political weapon. It is a problem that plagues others as well

The country yearns for a national leadership that can shore up unity imperilled by burgeoning identity politics. Dangerously, identity politics is the politics of division that undermines the shared a

18 Dec 2016

Aayirathil Oruval. one in a thousand women, Jaya achieved greatness against tremendous odds

Politics consumed Jayalalithaa so comprehensively that the human side in her remained invisible most of the time.

11 Dec 2016

A non-conformist, original ‘Krishna with the flute’ who made the singer larger than the song

What made Balamuralikrishna so different that his demise, which cannot be considered untimely at the age of 85, has created a rare sense of loss not just among classical music afficianados but a wider

27 Nov 2016