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T J S George
Football is for all—except India

Of the many realities refreshed by the ongoing football frenzy, two are revelatory for India. First: Kicking a ball around is an instinctive urge of all humans, which explains both the universality an

6 hours ago

The urge to serve the nation!

What makes Indian politics unique is its focus on the self. Every politician is convinced that it is his right to become a minister.

17 Jun 2018

West Asia mess. Where is India?

Donald Trump's impetuousness often gets boosted by his ego.

10 Jun 2018

Poll results: threats and promises

Never have by-election results made waves of the kind that last week’s did.

03 Jun 2018

Their democracy isn't like ours

In our country the system never gets a chance because political plotters never stop plotting, the moment one party wins, other parties begin manipulations to bring it down.

27 May 2018

No 15 days to purchase majority!

Here is what the Buddha said about Karnataka elections:“There are many difficulties to overcome in this world.

20 May 2018

Wise philosophers, fanatic kings

The time gap between voting day and results day is one of the afflictions of democracy.

13 May 2018

Vote for the future of India

Never was a Karnataka election more important to India than this one. Never was a Karnataka election more ruthlessly fought than this one.

06 May 2018

Hitler, Nehru and a worthless Bose

When those who don’t have it in them think they have it in them, it’s sad. Chandra Kumar Bose was a qualified management expert who did well in the Tatas for many years.

29 Apr 2018

The age of darkness is upon us

A responsible government would seek ways to not only contain the criminality that seems to be growing, but also examine the sociological aspects of the issue.

22 Apr 2018

Promoting bad governance is bad

So it’s the mixture as before—Shri Arun Jaitley is wise, ministers of southern states are dumb.

15 Apr 2018

Ram Bhakti, Like news, goes fake

We haven’t had a more turbulent Ram Navami in recent memory.

08 Apr 2018

Why do neighbours dislike india?

Major political shifts are taking place in India’s immediate neighbourhood—all of them inauspicious to India.

01 Apr 2018

A smart game in Karnataka

The joke of the season is a BJP leader accusing Karnataka’s Congress chief minister of dividing people along communal lines.

25 Mar 2018

Time for revisionist communism

Governmental non-performance in Kerala and electoral devastation in Tripura gave the CPM its unfinest hour in history.

18 Mar 2018

Elections are now miracles

A tree with no roots and no leaves, nevertheless bears fruit in Tripura; the BJP, with a previous record of 0, wins 35 of 59 seats.

11 Mar 2018

The great bank robbery. By all

The funny thing about the banking fraud that is rocking the country is that no one is accountable for it.

04 Mar 2018

India ‘in hands of goondas’

Justice Katju is known for using language of the extreme kind. But more often than not, his words hit the bull’s eye of truth. They did so last week when he spoke to a regional channel.

25 Feb 2018

How not to facelift culture

Indian literature is the richer for the election of Chandrasekhara Kambar as President of the Sahitya Akademi.

18 Feb 2018

Close to superpowerdom, but...

Confidence, authoritativeness and clear warning signals echo from China’s published statements on the Maldives crisis. Keep off, it tells the UN.

11 Feb 2018

Unity, yes. but who will be the PM?

Now that the budget has assured Devaloka by 2019, we can return to more mundane things: How the Opposition parties can unite against the BJP.

04 Feb 2018

Karat’s suicide mode: RSS approves

We have to sympathise with communist hardliner Prakash Karat. He is unable to decide whether Enemy No. 1 is the BJP or Sitaram Yechury. In public he said it was the BJP.

28 Jan 2018

New Kerala model? no harm hoping

Something extraordinary happened in Kerala last week. It is a state that was taken over quite some time ago by time-servers in public life, corruption kings and one-man parties with names that incorpo

21 Jan 2018

Divided people are easy targets

Way back in 1857 a foreign journalist described India in words that seem eerily relevant today.

14 Jan 2018