Tanuj Solanki

One life for a hundred, and two burn in hell

The story cycle set up for the Pandavas’ pilgrimage in the Tirtha-Yatra Parva of the Mahabharata continues to deliver, with sage Lomasha narrating stories of the significance of various sacred spots t

16 Jan 2018

Avay Shukla

A hope lost to politics as usual

Kejriwal is delegitimising his revolutionising entry into the political sphere by maintaining silence on key issues

15 Jan 2018

China’s social credit score

“I’m on the Tianjin to Beijing train and the automated announcement just warned us that breaking train rules will hurt our personal credit scores!” tweeted Emily Rauhala, Washington Post’s China corre

15 Jan 2018

Elizabeth Koshy

How green was my valley then

When I stand on the balcony of our palm-fringed home in Kerala, taking in the cool breeze blowing in over the paddy fields — which, alas, are being encroached upon by double-storeyed houses mushroomin

15 Jan 2018

Ranjitha Gunasekaran

Eye on Assembly polls, Telangana parties fine-tuning political strategy

With Telangana Assembly elections just a year away (if not sooner), political parties in the state are trying to finesse their regular politicking towards something that might eventually resemble a manifesto.

15 Jan 2018

G S Vasu

Why the whistleblower judges did us a service

To all those who are deeply worried and saddened by the “unprecedented and extraordinary” recourse adopted by four of the five senior-most judges of India to inform the nation that all is not well in

14 Jan 2018

Santwana Bhattacharya


Covering the apex court has never been this exciting! Not even when major verdicts were slated.

14 Jan 2018

Express News Service

CJI is the first among equals

Any issue with regard to the Memorandum of Procedure should be discussed in the Chief Justices’ conference and by the Full Court.

13 Jan 2018

Dissent around the world

Four senior Supreme Court judges Friday listed the problems that they said are affecting the country’s highest court.

13 Jan 2018

Pavitra Sriprakash

Ready to celebrate a responsible Bhogi?

As the state gears up for yet another Bhogi, there is a general mood of anxiety amongst the environmentalists.

13 Jan 2018

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