Vinod Mathew

Of land scams, political posturing and antediluvian rules

Kerala claims to be the most advanced state in the country, riding as much on a clutch of human development indices as on its super buying power of expensive jewellery, white goods and fancy automobil

09 Apr 2018


What is wrong with Kejriwal’s apologies?

Tendering an apology is the hardest thing to do. It means swallowing your pride and saying ‘sorry’. Perhaps this is why it is considered a great virtue by all faiths. Contrition is seen as a mark of strength of

07 Apr 2018

Express News Service

France’s ‘jihad town’

Five men from a French town that supplied around 20 jihadists to the war in Syria went on trial Thursday.

07 Apr 2018


Piano that survived a lightning strike

The beautiful Catholic church in the town of Surada in Odisha was a favourite place of worship for church-goers like me.

06 Apr 2018

Express News Service

Data and dating APPS

With Facebook coming under the scanner over lax personal data, a dating app in the US is facing flak for the same reason. G

06 Apr 2018

Santwana Bhattacharya

The Sidda medicine chest

From being an ‘outsider’ himself, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has managed to push the tag onto others through his shifty politics

06 Apr 2018

Balbir Punj

Yearning for minority status

The Karnataka govt has recommended minority status for Lingayats. The moot question: Why do sections of Hindus seek a minority tag?

05 Apr 2018

Express News Service

War crimes in Timbuktu

The ancient Malian city of Timbuktu was built in the 15th and 16th century. A few years ago, jihadists were accused of demolishing Timbuktu’s fabled shrines and committing crimes of rape, torture and sex slavery. A jihadist appeared Wednesday at the International Criminal Court

05 Apr 2018

Tilak Baker

When my words find their way to print

To write or not to write, seems to be the question. Or rather, how to write, maybe a better question. Very often one is moved to put something down on paper. The need of the hour is to present it in a

05 Apr 2018

Rajeev Tamhankar

How to set up an office

Startup office is an essential element of your journey. It is not something that you will change every day, so you better choose it right the first time.

05 Apr 2018

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