Saumya Chawla

Do not dismiss the art of overpacking!

The world is ending, guys. Not to be a huge buzzkill or whatever, but it is. Look at the rains! And all these attacks.

08 Nov 2017

Joseph Philipose

Why should kids have all the fun?

As usual you must be having some very important programme today also,” my wife said a bit sarcastically.

07 Nov 2017

Red dawn fades

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov overthrew the provisional government and seized power in Russia on this day in 1917.

07 Nov 2017

A Surya Prakash

The iron man must get his due

There has been a sustained effort to keep us in the dark on Sardar Patel’s achievements, the biggest of which was the unification of India

07 Nov 2017

Tanuj Solanki

Yudhistira’s realisation about sorrow and discord

As advised by Vyasa during the Pandava forest exile, Arjuna is sent away in the search of divine weaponry. This is Arjuna’s third odyssey in the epic.

06 Nov 2017

George N Netto

Big cat makes a grand comeback

Chatting with a knowledgeable forest official recently, I was heartened to hear that the Eravikulam National Park just outside Munnar now boasts of as many as five tigers.

06 Nov 2017

Lonely American jihadists

Sayfullo Saipov, the radicalised Uzbek who mowed down eight people on a New York bike path, apparently developed his plot in relative isolation, like most other jihadist attackers in the US.

06 Nov 2017

Bindu S Nair

Is child abuse being normalised?

Some recent songs and books appear to be subtly promoting paedophilia. They need to be called out.

06 Nov 2017

Siba Mohanty

With crop-loss and massive pest attack, Odisha’s agrarian crisis goes from bad to worse

Death has returned to the farmlands of Odisha. In last ten days, nine farmers have ended their lives over crop loss.

06 Nov 2017

Burak Akcapar

Turkey’s Iron Silk Railroad is Redefining Asia, Europe

Trains have changed history and are set to shape the future, particularly in Asia. The story of the railroad began with the Liverpool-Manchester steam-powered train in September 1830, which was only 5

05 Nov 2017

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